Safe Family Holiday 2019 DUI Checkpoint Results

Three drivers arrested for driving while impaired and nine individuals arrested on drug-related charges

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Cynthia Cavett, Marketing Specialist II & Public Information Officer
Delaware Office of Highway Safety

Dover, Del. (December 16, 2019) – The Delaware Office of Highway Safety coordinated DUI checkpoints in each county statewide this past weekend as part of the Safe Family Holiday DUI enforcement campaign, and the results are in. Three individuals were arrested for driving while impaired, and one person was apprehended on an outstanding warrant. Nine individuals were arrested on drug-related charges, and 18 drivers were detained for further investigation. In addition, 38 drivers were cited for other traffic arrests including four drivers for driving without being buckled up.

A total of 60 officers from the Delaware State Police and local law enforcement agencies manned the three checkpoints and saw a total of 2,522 cars pass-through.

DUI Checkpoints are placed in locations based on crash statistics and frequency of DUI arrests

“OHS will continue Safe Family Holiday DUI Patrols throughout December and the New Year in our ongoing commitment to removing impaired drivers off of our streets and highways, ultimately lowering the risk for deaths and injuries due to driving while intoxicated from drugs or alcohol,” – Richard Klepner, Deputy Director, Delaware Office of Highway Safety. 

To date, there have been 4,015 DUI arrests throughout the state of Delaware since January 1st and *24 confirmed DUI fatal crashes.

The Office of Highway Safety is grateful to the Delaware State Police, local law enforcement agencies, and safety partners who manned the Safe Family Holiday DUI checkpoints. Operation Checkpoint Strikeforce is a collaborate enforcement and campaign throughout the year that is made possible through the cooperative efforts with our safety partners.

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*(Please note: this number is not final as there are crashes still under investigation for impairment).

Drive Sober and Ensure Your Safe Family Holiday for 2019

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