New Population Projections Available

Dover, DE: On Thursday, December 17, 2020 the Delaware Population Consortium voted to approve its 2020 Population Projections. The projections depict a 40-year outlook on population numbers for the state, its counties and select municipalities. The projections are based on the 2010 census and updated regularly throughout the year as other estimates are released by the Census Bureau.

Highlights of the new projections include a current population of 979,920 people and an estimated population exceeding one million people by 2025. Mr. Ed Ratledge, Director of the University of Delaware’s Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research, a member of the steering committee to the Population Consortium said, “There is a net out-migration in New Castle County. New job growth is needed to generate in-migration.” He also mentioned that one of Delaware’s key issues, as outlined by the projections, is that the population is not reproducing at a rate to maintain population and therefore the State relies on migration for population growth. The Population Consortium acknowledged that the 2020 Census is complete and that the new Census numbers are eagerly anticipated for updating the State’s projections moving forward.

To review and download the projections visit the Delaware Population consortium website at