Statement from Attorney General Jennings on insurrection in Washington

Attorney General Kathy Jennings released the following statement Wednesday regarding the insurrection unfolding in Washington, D.C.:

Patriotism is an action, not a title. Democracy is no more invincible now than it was in 1861, nor in this nation than in any of history’s other experiments in self-governance. Our democracy has only been strong when the people, and the government, worked to make it strong and to defend it, including through the transition of power.

We are witnessing a despicable, unprecedented, and deranged insurrection in our nation’s Capitol. People have been hurt and more will be, due in no small part to the actions of Trump, and some Republican officials and bystanders, who have cynically stoked the flames of conspiracy and sedition for months. Our actions have consequences and the time for excuses has come and gone.

My heart breaks for the shameful display unfolding in Washington. This is not a protest. It is a violent insurrection. It is treason. And it is an assault on the foundation of this country. I am praying for the safety of everyone in the Capitol and hope for the swift and full prosecution of everyone responsible for this dark day in our country’s history.