Consumer Alert: Liberty Mutual Policyholders Experienced Difficulty Filing Claims, Receiving Response

Company corrections ordered and completed

Commissioner Trinidad Navarro has released a consumer alert for Liberty Mutual policyholders. In early December, the Delaware Department of Insurance became aware of unacceptable difficulties in contacting the company and filing claims by phone. The department ordered these issues corrected when discovered, and recently deemed the problems resolved.

Policyholders reported long wait times and dropped calls when contacting Liberty Mutual by phone, as well as an inability to connect with a live representative. The company’s system was also pushing consumers online to file a claim.

“The digital divide is still present in our state, and consumers must have access to claim filing processes by phone. A person’s access to the internet or technology should not define the level of difficulty they encounter in interacting with their insurer, or amount of time it takes to file a claim,” said Commissioner Navarro.

Liberty Mutual actively worked with the department to investigate the issues when they were uncovered and has now resolved the problems.

If you are a Liberty Mutual policyholder and you continue to encounter this issue, or if you are experiencing an insurance problem with another company, contact the Delaware Department of Insurance’s Consumer Services Division by emailing or calling (302) 674-7300.