DNREC Issues Corrective Action Permit to Diamond State Port Corporation for Former Chemours Edgemoor Site

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has issued a permit to the Diamond State Port Corporation (DSPC) to continue corrective actions at the former Chemours Edgemoor industrial facility in redeveloping it as a shipping container facility. The corrective actions are required under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), with authority for implementing the act delegated to the state of Delaware.

The plant site, located at 4600 Hay Road, Edgemoor, was sold by Chemours to the DSPC in 2017. The plant was demolished by Chemours prior to the sale, and all applicable permits were transferred to the DSPC. The permit issued today by DNREC is a renewal of the prior corrective action permit. It will require asphalt capping of most of the site; contaminated materials management plan during site construction; continued implementation of the post-closure care plan for closed surface impoundments; and establishment of an environmental covenant upon remedy completion.

The site and its associated titanium dioxide pigment production facility has been regulated under the Delaware Hazardous Waste Program throughout its recent operational history. The approximately 115-acre site comprises two parcels. The larger 112-acre parcel is bounded by the Delaware River to the east; by Interstate 495 and Hay Road to the west; by Fox Point State Park to the north and by industrial sites to the south. The much smaller 3-acre parcel is located across Hay Road from the larger parcel and the former facility’s main gate.

The new permit issued to the Diamond State Port Corp. will include the requirements for providing ongoing cap maintenance, environmental monitoring and financial assurance.
The actions required in the permit issued by DNREC today provides additional assurance for protecting human health and the environment during redevelopment of the site and its proposed use as a shipping container facility.

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