Ruth Ann Irwin, BG (Ret.) Sworn in as the U.S. Selective Service System’s Delaware State Director

SMYRNA, Del. – Ruth Ann Irwin, BG (Ret.) on Friday was sworn in as the U.S. Selective Service System’s Delaware State Director by the U.S. Selective Service Acting Director, Craig T. Brown. She was nominated by Delaware Governor John Carney and appointed by Brown. ­­

Irwin will serve as liaison between the Selective Service System and the Governor’s office. She will represent the Governor and the Selective Service Director regarding Agency matters in Delaware.

“With more than three decades of service with the Delaware Army National Guard, Ruth has the experience necessary to carry out the duties of the Delaware State Director for the U.S. Selective Service System,” said Governor Carney. “I was pleased to nominate Ruth, and that she will be the first woman to lead this post. Thank you to Acting Director Brown for appointing Ruth as State Director, and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

“We are extremely pleased with the Governor’s nomination of Ruth to serve as the Delaware State Director and look forward to working together,” said Acting Director Brown. “Her experience will help ensure that Delaware maintains its high registration rate.”

Until 2005, Irwin worked at Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) when she transitioned from the Manager of Industrial Security and Human Resource Supervisor to the full-time Commander of the 31st Weapons of Mass Destruction – Civil Support Team, Delaware Army National Guard.

Irwin’s military career has spanned more than 30 years with the Delaware Army National Guard including a year in Afghanistan. She retired in 2012 from the Delaware National Guard where she was the Director of Operations and Training.

“I am truly honored to be the first woman to serve as Delaware’s State Director for the Selective Service System,” Irwin said. “I’d also like ‘the First State’ to become number one in registration, local board membership and readiness programs. The Agency’s readiness mission serves an important role in our national defense and registration is a key step for all men – especially should they one day seek federal benefits, such as employment or student aid.”

Irwin received a master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College and earned two other master’s degrees from the University of Kentucky, in Library and Information Sciences; and Wilmington University, in Human Resources Management.

Irwin splits her time between her home in Bear, Delaware, and her summer home in Ocean View, Delaware. She is married to Peter Fedorkowicz, BG (Ret.), former Director of Logistics, Delaware Army National Guard.

*Federal law requires all male citizens, as well as male non-citizens residing in the U.S., to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. At 26, a man becomes too old to register. Those who do not comply jeopardize eligibility for numerous federally funded benefits, job training, government employment, and U.S. citizenship for male immigrants.

*The Agency seeks volunteers to serve on Selective Service boards. Interested citizen-volunteers can submit an application available at For more information about the Selective Service or to download the Selective Service System’s new Public Service Announcements you may call the Public and Intergovernmental affairs office at (703) 605-4100.