The Delaware Public Archives is Pleased to Announce the Digital Release of The Abram H. Draper Collection

The Delaware Public Archives is pleased to announce the digital release of “The Abram H. Draper Collection.” This unique collection consists of 34 pieces of correspondence including letters and poetry from Sergeant Abram H. Draper to his wife Anna M. Wiley Draper during the American Civil War.

The content ranges from detailed descriptions of Draper’s time while on guard and picket duty to everyday details of the life of a Union soldier in the United States Army from 1861 – 1863. The collection also includes correspondence to and from members of Draper’s extended family, as well as letters and documents to Anna notifying her of his death on January 22, 1863, from typhoid fever at Camp Gilpins, Virginia.

The Abram H. Draper Collection may be accessed virtually at or by calling (302) 744-5000 to schedule a visit to review the physical document collection at the Delaware Public Archives.