Delaware Division of Child Support Services to Partner with ReManned Project, Inc.

NEW CASTLE (Dec. 28, 2021) – The Division of Child Support Services’ (DCSS) Delaware Fatherhood Program is partnering with the ReManned Project, Inc., to help support parents in Delaware as they work to meet their obligations.

The DCSS Delaware Fatherhood Program assists non-custodial and custodial parents in locating resources and tools leading to career employment with the goal of increasing parents’ self-sufficiency, while encouraging improved emotional, parental, and financial involvement in the lives of their children.

The ReManned Project, Inc., is a nonprofit coaching and consulting group in Wilmington specializing in personal and leadership development. The goal is to help men in Delaware who face a crisis of hopelessness, and to provide fundamental daily tools to improve the quality of life of individuals, families, and societies.

The collaboration will enhance DCSS’ opportunity to refer non-custodial parents who are ready to improve compliance with their court-ordered child support obligations to the ReManned Project. This alliance will allow the ReManned Project to serve as a gateway for participants seeking specific child support case information and next-step child support services. It also allows both entities to further improve outreach and information-sharing about their supports and services to underserved fathers in Delaware.

“DCSS is extremely happy to be partnering with a nationally recognized organization such as the ReManned Project,” said Theodore Mermigos, DCSS Division Director. “As a service-oriented agency, DCSS is always looking for new and improved ways to communicate with and help non-custodial parents with their child support situations. The ReManned Project offers us this opportunity.”

“The ReManned Project and the Division of Child Support Services’ Fatherhood Program share a mutual commitment to the development and support of non-custodial and custodial fathers who desire to enjoy a fulfilling and loving relationship with their children,” said Dr. Donald Morton, ReManned Project CEO. “We are excited to be in partnership with a program that is committed to changing a narrative that suggests enforcement is more important than service.”

The ReManned Project, Inc., curriculum is geared toward males ages 25 and older and requires completion of a minimum of 48 sessions, which include mentoring, coaching, and training over a period of 24 weeks.

Any non-custodial parent seeking assistance with paying their child support can participate in the Delaware Fatherhood Program by contacting DCSS at 302- 577-7171. For more information about The ReManned Project, Inc., contact 800-216-7604.

To learn more, visit DCSS’s website.



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