The Mezzanine Gallery to Exhibit “Painting in the Presence of Change” by 2022 Artist Fellow, Mia Muratori

On view from April 1-29, 2022

Wilmington, Del. (March 30, 2022) – The Delaware Division of the Arts’ Mezzanine Gallery presents artist Mia Muratori’s exhibition, Painting in the Presence of Change, running April 1 through 29, 2022. Her exhibit will also be part of Art Loop Wilmington — the monthly self-guided tour of art in and around the city. Guests are invited to attend a Meet-the-Artist Reception to be held Friday, April 1, from 5-7 p.m.

Muratori is an abstract creator, named a 2022 Established DDOA Fellow in the discipline of Painting. Born in Germany, she has lived and worked in both New York City and Los Angeles. Muratori earned her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware in 1996 and moved to Delaware permanently in 1998.

She knew she wanted to be an artist from the age of 6. And, even though she’s worked in high-profile environments like Wall Street, Muratori has always incorporated some form of artwork into her world. She began her artistic endeavors in clay media, switching to painting around 2001.

Her current work — a mix of media including oils and encaustics — reflects her day-to-day experiences but also illustrates what she sees in the psycho-socio-politico-metaphysical world.

Muratori says she’s invested in capturing both the familiar and non-ordinary. “…that which is seen with the third eye, neurological imagery,” she says. She finds it most rewarding to visually capture thoughts, emotions, the zeitgeist: “…recording essences of persons, things, places, space and time.”

“I create to make something visually arresting, satisfying, and meaningful to myself and to others,” she says. “Making thoughts visible and the workings of the mind is what I find most compelling.”

The Mezzanine Gallery, open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., is located on the second floor of the Carvel State Office Building, 820 N. French Street, Wilmington.

Image Credit: VIGILANT, Acrylic Charcoal Ink/Paper, 36”x 48”, 2021.


Contact: Leeann Wallett, Program Officer, Community Engagement

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