New DMV Support Pollinator Plate Creating a Buzz

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is excited to announce its new specialty Support Pollinators License Plate recently won the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association’s (ALPCA) Best Plate Award for 2021.

This morning at 10:00 am Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski, Deputy Secretary of Transportation Shanté Hastings, Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles Director Jana Simpler, Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles Deputy Director Amy Anthony, Senator Stephanie Hansen, and Cyndi McCabe President of the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association gathered at St. Jones Reserve in Dover to celebrate the award-winning plate.

The Support Pollinators Plate showcases a combination of vibrant colors, native plants, birds, bees, and butterflies. By purchasing the plate for a one-time fee of $50 online or at any DMV location, you help support pollinator habitat maintenance throughout the State of Delaware. Seventy percent of the fee or $35 goes directly to the Delaware Department of Transportation’s Environmental Stewardship Office to assist with creating, enhancing, and preserving pollinator habitats.

“At DMV we strive to provide a first-class experience for everyone whether in person, on the phone or online,” shared Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski. “Our specialty plates give our customers the ability to financially support an organization and an avenue to proudly display their support. For us they are more than just aluminum collections of numbers you affix a sticker every couple of years. They symbolize causes near and dear to our customers. It’s a service we are proud to provide.”

“The Support Pollinators Plate bloomed from a collaboration between DelDOT’s Environmental Studies Office, Senator Stephanie Hansen, former Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohen, and the Delaware Native Species Commission,” commented Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles Jana Simpler. “The process took about 2 years and we were beyond thrilled with the final design. It’s really a stunning plate. We are so grateful to be recognized by APLCA.”

“So much of the food we eat everyday depends on the tiniest animals whose incredible work many of us take for granted, and one of the best ways we can protect the fragile ecosystems of these often highly-specialized creatures is by making sure we are all aware of their importance,” said Senator Stephanie Hansen, D-Middletown. “That’s why I worked with Representative Debra Heffernan, Senator Dave Sokola and the Delaware DMV last year to create a special Delaware license plate for people who want to support pollinator habitat creation and conservation. While we didn’t set out to win any awards, we all know how serious Delaware takes its license plates, and I’m so excited this beautiful design is getting the attention it deserves.”

ALPCA’s Best Plate Award Coordinator Gus Oliver said “Many of the members commented about the combination of attractiveness and how the plate number did not interfere with the design like it does with most colorful plates. I knew it had an excellent chance of winning the moment I first saw it.”

Community Relations Officer Susan Lee crafted the initial plate design and Susan Detwiler an author and illustrator from Baltimore, Maryland transformed the concept into the colorful work of art now available from DMV. To date, 531 Support Pollinators plates have been reserved since its June 2021 release.

To purchase yours or one of our other specialty plates go to Also, make sure to stop by and see us at the Delaware State Fair July 21 through July 30. In addition to DMV’s annual 5 digit black and white tag giveaway, we’ll be giving away a Support Pollinators Plate to recognize this special plate and all it’s attempting to achieve.

This is the state’s second time winning an ALPCA for best license plate. Back in 2008, the organization declared Delaware’s limited-edition Centennial License Plate the best in the country. The DMV currently has 135 specialty plates representing a variety of organizations and causes. Out of the 1,141,367 vehicles registered in the State of Delaware 39,044 are specialty plates.

ALPCA members worldwide nominate the best new plates and then vote based on two judging criteria: the overall attractiveness of the license plate design and its legibility as a tool for public safety and law enforcement. Since 1954, ALPCA has promoted license plate collecting and research, the exchange of information and plates. With over 2,800 members from 50 states and 19 countries, ALPCA is the largest license plate hobbyist organization in the world. For more information on the award or to see the other nominees visit