FBI Recognizes Two Auditors for Critical Role in Investigations

(Dover, Delaware) – On October 18, 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigation formally recognized two employees of the Office of Auditor of Accounts (AOA) for their assistance with two cases.  Auditors Nicole Polite and Stephenie Tatman played a key role in the investigation that led to former Academy of Dover Charter School Principal, Noel Rodriguez, being sentenced to 13 months of imprisonment and $145,480 in restitution payments.  Additionally, Polite and Tatman conducted the investigation of the Family Foundations Academy which led to Sean Moore, the Director of Finance and Operations for the Family Foundations Academy, being sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment for embezzling $161,871 from the school.

R. Thomas Wagner stated, “Without the work of Stephenie and Nicole, the arrest and prosecution of both Rodriguez and Moore might not have been possible.  Our auditors work day in and day out to protect the tax dollars of Delawareans, and I am thankful for the contributions that Stephenie and Nicole had in bringing these violators of the public trust to justice.”

Nicole Polite, a Certified Fraud Examiner, has been employed with the AOA office since 2014.  She is currently an Audit Supervisor.

Stephenie Tatman, a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner, was hired by the AOA office in 2007 and was promoted to Audit Manager.  She is currently the Internal Audit Director for the Office of Pensions.

Plaques presented to Tatman and Polite

Contact: Deputy Auditor James Spadola
Office: 302.857.3946
Cell:  302.746.2584

Governor Carney Signs Executive Order Reestablishing the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG)

Members will submit recommendations to the Governor, Legislature and Criminal Justice Council by March 2018

Abigail Layton (Deputy Attorney General, Family Division Director), Lisa Minutola (Chief of Legal Services, Office of Defense Services), Judge Robert Coonin (Family Court), Secretary Patrice Gilliam-Johnson (Department of Labor), Secretary Josette Manning (Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families), Michael Arrington (Chair, Juvenile Justice Advisory Group), Christian Kervick (Executive Director, Criminal Justice Council), and James Liguori (Chair, Criminal Justice Council) join Governor Carney for a photo after the Governor signed Executive Order #11.

WILMINGTON, Del. Governor John Carney on Wednesday released the following statement after signing Executive Order #11 to reestablish the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group, which will examine ways to prevent youth from entering or re-entering the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

“We want all Delaware kids to become healthy and productive citizens of our state, and that includes preventing kids from going down the wrong path and coordinating services for those leaving the juvenile justice system. The Juvenile Justice Advisory Group will help us create an environment where all Delaware kids have an opportunity to succeed. This Executive Order will recharge and reenergize the group to find solutions that will work.”

The JJAG will advise the Criminal Justice Council on grant applications, assist in the development of a state plan to monitor the juvenile and criminal justice system, and work to ensure that assistance will be equitably available to disadvantaged youth. The group will submit a report with recommendations to the Governor, Legislature and Criminal Justice Council by March 31, 2018.


Click here to view the text of Executive Order 11.

Delaware to Participate in National Criminal Justice Reform Project

Efforts will focus on reducing recidivism, improving substance abuse & mental health treatment for offenders

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor John Carney announced on Monday that Delaware has been selected to participate in the National Criminal Justice Reform Project – an initiative led by the National Governors Association and the National Criminal Justice Association Center for Justice Planning to assist states in implementing evidence-based criminal justice reforms.

Governor Carney’s office, the Delaware Criminal Justice Council, and a newly-created Criminal Justice Reform Committee will lead Delaware’s work with the national project.

Reform efforts will focus on two specific areas:

  • Improving the reentry process for offenders in Delaware’s correctional system, and reducing recidivism;
  • And improving access to mental health and substance abuse treatment for offenders in Delaware’s criminal justice system.

“We all have a stake in making sure that, once offenders serve out their sentences in Delaware’s correctional system, they are able to successfully reenter their communities and positively contribute,” said Governor Carney. “This work will not only help offenders successfully transition back into society, but will improve public safety, more effectively coordinate treatment services, and reduce costs for Delaware taxpayers.”

Earlier this month, Delaware and Vermont joined Illinois, Arizona and Oregon as states participating in the National Criminal Justice Reform Project. The project assists participating states in using data to plan and implement evidence-based criminal justice reforms.

Delaware continues to experience high rates of incarceration and recidivism, which come at a high cost for Delaware taxpayers. The average cost of incarcerating one prisoner each year is $35,000 – or 20 times the cost of probation.

Additionally, 24 percent of Delaware’s offender population was receiving some form of mental health treatment in 2015, and 80 percent of the offender population experienced issues with substance abuse.

Challenges with substance abuse and mental health can prevent offenders from successfully reentering their communities. The Delaware Criminal Justice Reform Committee will focus on more effectively coordinating treatment services.

“The Delaware Criminal Justice Council is excited to work with Governor Carney and the Criminal Justice Reform Committee to build on the continuing work of improving reentry services to all offenders and providing treatment to those in our system with mental health challenges,” said Christian Kervick, Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Council. “This is a great opportunity to work with experts and implement national best practices to improve our Criminal Justice System.”

The Delaware Criminal Justice Reform Committee will begin meeting next month. The committee will use technical assistance from the National Criminal Justice Reform Project to improve collaboration between various state agencies working on reentry issues and community groups, and to improve data collection. Its members also will focus on strengthening and streamlining strategic planning processes around criminal justice reform.


The Criminal Justice Reform Committee will include representatives from:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Delaware Department of Justice
  • Delaware Courts
  • Office of Defense Services
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Health and Social Services
  • Department of Services for Children, Youth & Families
  • Department of Safety and Homeland Security
  • Department of Correction
  • Department of Education
  • Research Partners from the University of Delaware
  • Statistical Analysis Center
  • Community Members
  • Local Govt. Representatives
  • Delaware Center for Justice

Capitol Police receive inaugural Beau Biden Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award

Wilmington, Del.- The Criminal Justice Council is pleased to announce that the Delaware Capitol Police’s Violence Intervention Program has received the inaugural “Beau” Biden Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award.

The intervention program, developed in 2013 by Capitol Police Chief John Horsman, provides protection for people involved in domestic violence-related court appearances. Cases involving incidents of domestic violence can often be volatile. The program evaluates the risk of potential violence and provides any necessary protection to anyone involved in the case via security details and escorts, said Capitol Police Lt. Britt Davis, who oversees the program.

“It takes a team to put together a program like this,” Davis said. “It’s an honor to be the first recipient of this award. Beau had a huge impact as attorney general and through his focused efforts toward helping victims.”

The program is the first of its kind in the nation, according to Davis. Since it began, the program has provided 248 security details.

“I am very proud of the members of the Delaware Capitol Police and the fine work they do. This program is yet another example of the initiative they take in ensuring the public’s safety and exemplifies the care they have for our domestic violence victims,” said James Mosley, Secretary, Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

The award is named after Delaware’s former Attorney General and is administered by the state’s Criminal Justice Council. It recognizes programs that provide effective services that address criminal justice issues in Delaware’s communities.

“We thought that the program being utilized by Capitol Police was the most appropriate nominee this year and we’re really pleased to give it to them,” said Criminal Justice Council chair and Dover attorney James Liguori. “They are worthy of the award in honor of Beau.”

Capitol Police received the award during the Criminal Justice Council’s December 14 meeting at the Buena Vista State Conference Center in New Castle County.

“This award is a fitting way to honor our former attorney general and the winning program perfectly captures Beau’s mission in life: standing up for and protecting victims,” said Christian Kervick, executive director of the Criminal Justice Council. “While this is the first award given, it is our hope that each year we will be able to select a program that honors Beau’s legacy of service.”

From the left: Gary Melvin, Christian Kervick, Patricia Dailey Lewis, Chief John Horsman, lt. Britt Davis
From the left: Gary Melvin, Christian Kervick, Patricia Dailey Lewis, Chief John Horsman, lt. Britt Davis

A few of the other programs nominated for this year’s award include:

  • Culinary Arts Training with Job Placement/The Hospitality School
  • Equine Assisted Learning/Courageous Hearts
  • Dover After School Program/YMCA of Delaware
  • Targeted Analytic Policing System/ New Castle County Police Department
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Registry/ Office of the Public Defender

About the award:

The Criminal Justice Council selects nominations from the community, current and recent-past sub-grantees. Agencies are invited to nominate a program(s) that exemplifies excellence in improving the criminal justice system or provides effective services to those in need in our communities.

The Nomination Form and selection criteria are available on the CJC’s website. http://cjc.delaware.gov/AnnualBeauBidenAward.shtml

The CJC will be accepting nominations for the 2017 Beau Biden Award during the late spring or early summer months. Applicants should provide a brief description of their program, how it may work in collaboration with other programs to achieve their goals, the most significant achievement of the program and other facts that will help the award committee in making their determination.

An Award Selection Committee will give particular consideration to those programs that are innovative and demonstrate positive results.

Please contact Scott McLaren, Deputy Director of the Criminal Justice Council, at (302) 577-8693, or Scott.McLaren@delaware.gov, with questions about the award.

Please contact Wendy Hudson, Chief of Community Relations with the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, at (302) 744-2680, or wendy.hudson@delaware.gov, with questions about Capitol Police’s program.

9th Annual Day of Remembrance

(WILMINGTON, DE)- The Delaware Criminal Justice Council would like to recognize the 9th Annual Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims, hosted by the Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force (VRTF).  The Day of Remembrance will be held at P. S. DuPont Middle School this Thursday, September 22nd. Doors will open at 6:00pm for memorial decoration and resources. The event will start promptly at 7:00pm.  Those who have lost a loved one to violence are invited to attend to pay tribute to their loved ones, visit with local resources and connect with local community groups that support families affected by violence.

Delaware’s Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims coincides with the National Day of Remembrance, an Annual event started in 1996 by the National Organization for Parents of Murdered Children (POMC). The mission of the Day of Remembrance is to pay tribute and honor murder victims and their surviving family members.   The event has several opportunities for families to memorialize their loved ones.   Those that come submit names to be read aloud during the event, memorials bags are available for people to decorate with the names of their loved ones and a Remembrance Tree, created in 2015 by C. Mercedes Walls, becomes a display of leaves and memories that people attach to her art.

For more information about this event please call The Delaware Victims Center at 1-800-VICTIM-1 or visit: https://sites.google.com/site/delawarevrtf. Follow Delaware’s Day of Remembrance event and talk about your own ways to memorialize your loved ones by using #De_Remembers.

The Day of Remembrance for Murder Victim

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2016

Location: P.S. DuPont Middle School (701 W 34th St, Wilmington, DE 19802)

Time: Doors open at 6:00pm for memorial decoration and resources, Event starts at 7:00pm

Please view the invitation for this event: day-of-remembrance-2016

Anyone seeking more information information about the work of the Delaware Victims Rights Task Force, may use the following contact information:

E-mail: DelVRTF@gmail.com

Mailing Address: DVRTF c/o Victim Services 300 N Walnut St., Wilmington DE 19801

DVRTF is supported by the Delaware Center for Justice Member Agencies: Child Inc., Contactlifeline, Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Delaware Center for Justice, Inc., Delaware State Police Victims Center, Department of Correction, Department of Justice, Developmental Disabilities Council, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, Dover Police Department Victim Services, Newark Police Department Victim Services, New Castle County Police Victim Services, People’s Place II, Sexual Assault Network of Delaware, Sexual Offense Support, University of Delaware, SOAR Inc., U.S. Attorney’s Office, Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program, Wilmington Police Department Victim Services, Victims Voices Heard Inc.