Noramco Foreign Trade Zone approval granted

Facility in Wilmington is first in state to receive Alternative Site Framework Designation

DOVER, Del. (March 10, 2014) – Noramco Inc. has become the first company in the state to include their facility in Delaware’s Foreign-Trade Zone under the Alternative Site Framework (ASF) and to be granted “Production Authority” by the Foreign Trade Zone Board of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) is the grantee for Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 99. Noramco, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has operated in Delaware since 1979 at an 81,000-square-foot facility in Wilmington. The company manufactures, tests, warehouses and packages a variety of pharmaceutical products and currently employs approximately 170. This facility has now been designated as FTZ Subzone 99F. The Foreign Trade Zone Board granted Noramco’s application to be included in the FTZ in late November 2013 and Production Authority was approved on March 4, 2014.

With this designation and grant of authority, Noramco can begin to manufacture products using imported component with tariffs and duties reduced or eliminated, thereby reducing their costs until those products actually enter the U.S. markets.

“The ability to offer a tool that increases access to global markets, lowers costs and boosts efficiency will have a tremendous impact on our efforts to bring new companies to Delaware,” Gov. Jack Markell said. “Companies already established in Delaware also stand to benefit. We applaud Noramco for leading the way by applying for and receiving the designation necessary to operate in the state’s Foreign Trade Zone.”

John Daly, General Manager of Noramco Inc. in Delaware, noted that “this designation and grant of production authority will allow Noramco to expand its operations here in Delaware and improves the efficiency of our supply chain. This is an important step in our efforts to better serve our customers in the U.S. and also globally. We are very pleased with how the new ASF process reduced both the time and the complexity of becoming a FTZ Subzone.”

Foreign-trade zones are sites that are considered outside of U.S. Customs territory. The ASF allows individual businesses throughout the State to import, export, assemble, warehouse and distribute products using imported materials and reduce or eliminate customs duties and federal excise taxes. An application under ASF for a non-manufacturing site usually is processed in 30 days. A manufacturing facility requiring “Production Authority,” such as Noramco, takes up to four months, a significant time reduction from the traditional process.

“Under Gov. Markell, Delaware has become a major player on the global economic stage, and the ASF provides one more tool for our state and its companies to use to compete and win,” said Alan Levin, Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office. “Noramco is the first of what we hope will be many Delaware firms, large and small, who will take advantage of this streamlined process to stay and grow in Delaware thanks to the business-friendly environment created by the FTZ.”

There are more than 250 Foreign-trade zones located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Many well-known U.S. and multinational firms utilize the zone program as an import/export financial management tool. In Delaware, the Port of Wilmington is the official Port of Entry. Companies such as Citrosuco, AstraZeneca, and PBF Energy all operate under Foreign Trade Zone designation in Delaware.

Dole signs 15-year lease to remain at Port of Wilmington

Gov. Markell applauds agreement that will keep jobs, revenue in Delaware

WILMINGTON – Dole Food Company will continue to do business at the Port of Wilmington for the next 15 years thanks to a lease signed Tuesday  that will positively impact hundreds of jobs and secure a critical revenue stream for Delaware’s economy.

Gov. Jack Markell welcomed David H. Murdock, Chairman, CEO and Owner of Dole Food Company; Alan Levin, Chairman of Diamond State Port Corporation and Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office; and other government, company and union officials at the signing, which took place at the governor’s offices in the Carvel Building in Wilmington.

“The Port has been a vital hub of commerce in Delaware for nearly a century. Today it remains as important as ever thanks to customers like Dole, which connect our state to the global economy, provide jobs for hard-working Delawareans and ensure a dependable flow of revenue for our economy,” Gov. Markell said. “We applaud today’s signing and thank Dole officials for working with Delaware to get this deal done.”

Retaining Dole’s business was crucial not only to the Port but also to the State of Delaware. The company’s use of the Port for its cargo operations will continue to support 850 family sustaining jobs.

“We have been at the Port of Wilmington for more than 30 years and this agreement with the Diamond State Port Corporation reaffirms our commitment to the people of Delaware, the longshoremen, our employees, vendors and customers,” said Stuart Jablon, Vice President and General Manager of Operations for Dole Fresh Fruit. “Dole was the first containerized banana company importing here and now this is the largest fresh fruit import port in North America. We are confident that this decision will help maintain Dole’s position as a top brand in the very competitive North American fruit market and we look forward to enjoying a long and mutually supportive relationship with the port for many years to come.”

Dole is the Port’s largest customer, importing bananas, pineapples and other fruit and exporting forest products and general cargo. Its leasehold encompasses 37.7 acres of terminal land and about 100,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. Dole’s ships make approximately 52 vessel calls annually at the Port, which is operated by Diamond State Port Corp (DSPC). The lease and its two extension option periods, each 10 years long, will enable Dole Fresh Fruit Company, a Dole subsidiary, to continue its terminal operations at the Port of Wilmington through 2048.

This lease includes terms governing Dole’s usage of the Port and commitments by the DSPC such as increasing the number of cranes and other upgrades to the Dole leasehold.

“The appropriation of the funding necessary to make these improvements is the result of a joint effort between the Markell administration, state legislators and the Port board,” Levin said. “Dole’s shipments are of great value to the Port, and the DSPC is excited at the prospect of continuing this outstanding  relationship well into the future.”
About the Delaware Economic Development Office

The Delaware Economic Development Office is an executive state agency responsible for attracting new investors and businesses to the state, promoting the expansion of existing industry, assisting small and minority-owned businesses, promoting and developing tourism and creating new and improved employment opportunities for all citizens of the State. Visit

About Dole Food Company

Dole Food Company, Inc., with 2012 revenues from continuing operations of $4.2 billion, is one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Dole is an industry leader in many of the products it sells, as well as in nutrition education and research. Visit

About the Port of Wilmington, Delaware

Founded in 1923, the Port of Wilmington is a full service mid-Atlantic seaport at the confluence of the Christina and Delaware rivers strategically located and serving over 200 million North American consumers by overnight truck and rail delivery. The Port is the nation’s leading gateway for imported perishable cargo and operates the largest on-dock cold storage complex in North America. The Port is responsible for 5,200 family sustaining jobs annually, generating $384 million in business revenue, $360 million in personal income and $35 million in state and regional taxes. The Port is owned and operated by the Diamond State Port Corporation, a corporation of the State of Delaware. Visit


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Dole Food Company
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Incyte makes commitment to Delaware with 15-year lease

Pharmaceutical company to move into Wilmington landmark, retaining hundreds of jobs

DOVER, Del. (Nov. 15, 2013) – Over the course of a decade, the State of Delaware has watched Incyte Corporation grow from a start-up bio-technology research firm into a research-based commercial biopharmaceutical company.

Incyte has reinforced its commitment to Delaware by signing a 15-year lease to occupy the former John Wanamaker building, a Wilmington landmark off the Augustine Cut-Off. Incyte’s lease of the roughly 191,000-square-foot facility will keep its current employment base in Delaware and provide space for the company’s planned ongoing employment growth.

“Incyte is moving into a landmark building and stepping further forward as a top innovation-driven business in our state,” Gov. Jack Markell said. “The company’s growth from start-up to pharmaceutical industry leader in Delaware demonstrates how our state is a great place to start and grow a business, and a place to develop an idea into a game-changing company.”

Incyte currently employs 372 people at the DuPont Experimental Station campus off Del. 141 and has established itself as a shining example of the First State’s many innovative firms through its discovery and development of groundbreaking, important new drugs.

Since basing its headquarters in Delaware, Incyte has discovered, developed and commercialized Jakafi® (ruxolitinib), a medicine that was the first drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of a rare blood cancer and the first one in its class approved for any indication. Incyte is also developing Jakafi as a potential treatment for additional cancers and has a broad product pipeline that includes multiple compounds that address a number of unmet patient needs.

“Since choosing to open our labs in Delaware more than 10 years ago, Incyte has achieved many milestones, and we appreciate the ongoing encouragement of state officials, the technology-friendly environment and tremendous local talent,” stated Paul A. Friedman, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Incyte Corporation. “When we move into our new space, we will proudly remain a part of this vibrant community, and we look forward to continued growth and the discovery and development of additional new medicines that we hope will make a difference in the lives of patients.”

In December 2012, Incyte was approved for a Delaware Strategic Fund performance grant in the amount of $10,070,505 for the retention of its then current 294 jobs in Delaware and the creation of 269 new jobs over the next five years. The company also was approved for a $1,050,000 capital expenditure grant.

According to Alan Levin, director of the Delaware Economic Development Office, the competition for Incyte was fierce among Delaware and other states vying to offer the company a new home.

“Keeping them here was crucial for us. Incyte is a Delaware company and we wanted that partnership and legacy to continue,” Levin said. “The company provides jobs that pay well and can entice those who graduate from Delaware universities to stay in Delaware.”

Incyte’s success will have a huge impact for America, and therefore Delaware, on a global scale, U.S. Sen. Chris Coons said.

“Ingenuity has always been central to America’s economic success,” Sen. Coons said. “If we are going to create and sustain the middle-class jobs our state needs to thrive, it will be because innovative companies like Incyte choose to invest in Delaware. Incyte’s renewed commitment to our state is proof that by nurturing and supporting our local innovators, Delaware is and can continue to be a great home for the next generation of high-paying biotech, life science, and advanced manufacturing jobs.”

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper encouraged the company to locate in Delaware in 2001, and subsequently expand its operation here to begin drug research.

“I am thrilled that Incyte has decided to stay in Delaware and expand its operations here,” Sen. Carper said. “I have watched this company go from an idea, to receiving FDA approval for its drug Jakafi, to today’s announcement of its expansion. This is a great day for the Incyte team, and is a great example of growing your own.”

About the Delaware Economic Development Office
The Delaware Economic Development Office is an executive state agency responsible for attracting new investors and businesses to the state, promoting the expansion of existing industry, assisting small and minority-owned businesses, promoting and developing tourism and creating new and improved employment opportunities for all citizens of the State. Visit

About Incyte Corporation
ncyte Corporation is a Wilmington, Delaware-based biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary small molecule drugs for oncology and inflammation. For additional information on Incyte, please visit the company’s website at

Natural Dairy Products brings jobs, gold standard facility

Gov. Jack Markell attends grand opening of company’s new headquarters in Newark

NEWARK, Del.fDSCF4521   Independent, family-owned Natural Dairy Products Corporation found the perfect match in Newark for its relocated headquarters and gold-standard quality dairy operation, where it will make and distribute its organic, grass-fed dairy products.

That feeling of synergy was mutual on Friday, as Gov. Jack Markell, Bernice Whaley, deputy director of the Delaware Economic Development Office, and other state and local officials welcomed the company in its move from Avondale, Pa., to Newark. The award-winning dairy business brings 19 jobs to Delaware and intends to grow in the First State.

According to Gov. Markell, Natural Dairy Products founder and President Ned MacArthur and his company embody the spirit of innovation and start-ups that are quickly becoming the hallmark of the First State. In 1994, MacArthur left behind the frustrations of trying to sell organic milk as a farmer and, along with his father, Norman, developed a system that propelled Natural Dairy Products to success.

“When Ned hit a wall in the farming business, he innovated and started his own company. And over the course of two decades, Ned continued to innovate and find new ways to make Natural Dairy Products more successful,” Gov. Markell said. “While small in stature, businesses like Natural Dairy Products form the sturdy foundation of Delaware’s economy. Natural Dairy Products has plans to grow here, and we intend to help the company achieve that goal.”
The company’s product line, Natural by Nature, includes butter, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cream and other goods made with milk from 22 certified organic dairy farms in Pennsylvania. Its new 30,000-square-foot dairy facility, tucked away off Markus Court near the intersection of Otts Chapel Road and Elkton Road, has been outfitted to pull these products under one roof.

MacArthur said that the proximity of Newark to its former headquarters in Avondale was a key factor in the company’s choice of Delaware. But it was the assistance of state and local officials that tipped the scale in favor of Newark.fDSCF4555

“The State of Delaware has made this transition seamless. We couldn’t have asked for anything more in terms of logistical and financial assistance,” MacArthur said. “We’re proud to call Newark home, and we’re excited at the prospect of future growth in Delaware.”

Natural Dairy Products was approved for a $140,169 Delaware Strategic Fund performance grant for the creation of 19 jobs, as well as a $134,831 capital expenditure grant.

Whaley said Natural Dairy Products was attractive to state officials not only because of its ongoing growth and success but also because of its commitment to high standards for efficiency, quality and cleanliness.

“Natural Dairy Products has secured an impressive amount of certifications for both efficiency and cleanliness for its new facility,” Whaley said. “Based on their investment in this new building, and their plans for the future of the company in Newark, we know that they are dedicated to Delaware.”

About the Delaware Economic Development Office
The Delaware Economic Development Office is an executive state agency responsible for attracting new investors and businesses to the state, promoting the expansion of existing industry, assisting small and minority-owned businesses, promoting and developing tourism and creating new and improved employment opportunities for all citizens of the State. Visit

About Natural Dairy Products Corporation
Natural Dairy Products Corporation is the producer of Natural By Nature organic, grass-fed, dairy products. The company was founded in 1994 by Ned MacArthur and his father, Norman. Natural Dairy Products recently relocated its headquarters and operations from Avondale, Pa., to Newark, where it will make products such as fluid milk, heavy cream, buttermilk, butter and yogurt in a new 30,000-square-foot facility. Visit

Delaware Economic Development Office:

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Natural Dairy Products Corporation:
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Bloom Energy Officially Celebrates New Manufacturing Center

“the new face of manufacturing in Delaware”

 JPMorgan Chase announced as newest Bloom customer

10315998274_a69b35f73f_b(Newark, DE) –  Bloom Energy officially celebrated its new manufacturing center in Newark and says it will be hiring more than 100 new workers in the coming months in jobs ranging from welders to production control technicians to electric/electronic engineers.   Bloom Boxes use revolutionary solid oxide fuel cell technology that converts fuel to electricity using an electrochemical reaction, rather than combustion, allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint while cutting operating costs.  At today’s event, JPMorgan Chase announced it will be Bloom’s newest commercial customer in Delaware.

“This is the new face of manufacturing, and we have it right here in Delaware “ said Governor Jack Markell, who spoke about traveling to Bloom’s California headquarters in 2010 to talk with company leaders about expanding to Delaware.  “The growth of innovative companies like Bloom and of new, high-tech manufacturing is necessary to move Delaware’s economy forward.  We know one of the major reasons Bloom chose Delaware is our outstanding workforce.  We are committed to supporting and developing a pool of talented workers prepared for jobs in new manufacturing.  I am confident the company will continue to discover the great talents we have in Delaware and partners in the community that support Bloom’s continued growth here.”

JPMorgan Chase announced that it will soon pilot an 500 kW installation of Bloom boxes powering its Morgan Christiana site that will support power to its data centers.

“The fact that Bloom is opening this additional manufacturing plant in Delaware gives us easy access to maintenance and monitoring engineers at our Morgan Christiana site.  We hope to expand the pilot as we move forward,” said Bill McHenry, global head of Property Operation, who spoke at the official opening. “We are able to not only improve our facility right here in Delaware, but also fulfill our companywide commitment to investing in new technologies designed to reduce our impact on the planet.”

“Bloom has the best technology when it comes to converting fuel to electricity,” said K.R. Sridhar, C-E-O of Bloom.  “We have a tremendous following with our customers who want affordability, predictability when it comes to costs , reliability, security, and sustainability.  Using less fuel is the pathway to efficiency.”

Sridhar talked about Bloom’s commitment to Delaware saying, “We have built a factory; we are creating jobs and  we are putting cleaner energy in the s10316020315_7e10c9d7d9_btate.  Our commitment continues.   Good partnerships are about trust and we will continue our commitment.”

University of Delaware President Patrick Harker said, “This is a milestone moment for us in terms of sponsoring innovation.  Bloom saw the potential of this campus early on.  They understood the advantages of proximity to UD: the creative energy of a lot of great minds working together; the efficiency that expedites time-to-market for important discoveries; the synergy of centralizing high-quality R&D education and training, technology development and manufacturing so that each can inform and improve the other.”

Bloom announced its plans to build its new, high-tech manufacturing center in Delaware in 2011 and broke ground on its facility in Newark in April 2012 which is located on the site of the former Chrysler plant in Newark.

Bloom’s customers include WalMart, which endorsed its growing partnership with Bloom during today’s event, as well as Google, Apple,  Bank of America, FedEx, Co a-Cola, Staples, A-t-and-T, Verizon and E-Bay.  Walmart first installed Bloom systems in 2009 and is one of Bloom’s largest customers.

Bloom began shipping Bloom boxes from the Center this summer and currently has approximately 80 people working at the new manufacturing center and has more than 70 jobs posted for immediate hiring.

Photos from the event are available on Flickr.