Christina School District Nominating District B now up for election in May

Wilmington – The Department of Elections has established a special 20 day candidate filing period for Christina School District Nominating District B due to a recent vacancy. Persons living in Nominating District B who are qualified to vote in School Board Elections may file to run for the vacant seat with the Department of Elections – New Castle County Office by 4:30 p.m. on April 20, 2017.  The Delaware Code also provides that a person may not serve as a School Board member if they hold a paid position subject to the rules and regulation of the School Board.

Additional information about filing  and a candidate filing packet are  available.  A Nominating District B map may assist interested persons in determining if they live within Nominating District B.

Contact the Department of Elections – New Castle County Office at (302) 577-3464 if you have questions about filing or your eligibility to run in the May 9, 2017, School Board Election for Nominating District B.

In Mock Election, Delaware Students Predict Wins for Clinton, Carney

Dover –  With Election Day just a few days away, thousands of students across Delaware made their selections known today at the 2016 Student Mock Election Convention, tallying up victories for Democrats including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the presidential contest and Congressman John Carney in the race for Delaware governor.

mockelection_logoAfter three days of polling in more than 180 schools, delegates from up and down the First State convened in Legislative Hall to count the votes and announce their winners. In addition to Clinton and Carney, the students also chose Democrats across Delaware’s other statewide races, tapping state Sen. Bethany Hall Long for lieutenant governor, Lisa Blunt Rochester for representative in Congress, and Trinidad Navarro for insurance commissioner. (Click here for full results of the election.) Since 2010, the Student Mock Election has correctly predicted the results of 13 out of 16 statewide races in Delaware, an 81-percent accuracy rate.

“Elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and this program brings that fact to the forefront for our students at an early age, then reminds them of how important it is as they approach the age when they’ll be voting for real,” said Governor Jack Markell. “I want to thank all of our teachers for putting their time and effort into this, and especially the students from all across Delaware who cast their votes this week.”

Each election year, the Student Mock Election is conducted by teachers statewide in partnership with the Department of State, the Office of the State Elections Commissioner, the University of Delaware Democracy Project and the League of Women Voters. Coupled with lesson plans and classroom discussion about elections and the democratic process, fourth through 12th grade students were given access to a special online voting portal in their schools from Monday, Oct. 31 until the polls closed on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

“Being a good citizen means exercising your right to vote, but it also means doing your homework about the people serving in office and those who are seeking office,” said Secretary of State Jeff Bullock. “That’s the key component of the Mock Election program, not only preparing our students for the act of voting, but teaching them what it means to be voters.”

“Every election year I’m more impressed by the young people who participate in this program, and the level of awareness and intelligence they have when it comes to the election, the candidates and the issues,” said Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove. “If this is what the next generation of voters looks like, then our country and our state will be in good hands.”

Friday’s convention also featured awards for the schools with the highest rates of voter participation: Charter School of Wilmington, Newark Charter School and Campus Community Charter School; and the most spirited student delegation: Capital School District.


Deadline to change political party affiliation before the Presidential Primary is February 26, 2016

Dover DE – The deadline to change political party affiliation before the Presidential Primary is Friday, February 28, 2020.

Only voters registered as Democrats and Republicans can vote in their respective Party’s Presidential Primary. The deadline for registered voters to change political party affiliations before the 2016 Presidential Primary Election is Friday, February 26, 2016.  People who are not-registered to vote in Delaware who want to vote in Delaware’s Presidential Primary have until April 2nd to register.

The Department’s iVote System is designed as a full-service voter information portal, which permits Delaware residents to access a full range of voter registration services, and to obtain any information needed to participate in the elections process. Citizens can use IVote to change their political party affiliation, change their name, change their address and register to vote.

“We have worked very hard to make iVote a ‘one stop shop’ for Delaware’s voters,” said Elaine Manlove, State Election Commissioner.  “We are proud to offer a wide range of services and information to voters, which they can access whenever convenient for them,” added Manlove.

People may also change their political party affiliation at any the Department’s offices. For more information contact:

• Office of the State Election Commissioner: 302.739.4277, or by email

• Kent County Office: 302.739.4498, or by email

• New Castle County Office: 302.577.3464, or by email

• Sussex County Office: 302.856.5367, or by email


Campaign Finance Welcome Packet

The Department of Elections now offers a Welcome Packet for candidates and treasurers of committees, which are covered by Delaware’s comprehensive campaign finance reporting laws.  These laws are designed to maximize transparency and to enhance public access to this information.  The resource is designed to answer common questions on the topic, as well as to assist committee treasurers and candidates with ensuring that they are in compliance with Delaware Code.

The Department has invested significant resources in creating a Campaign Finance Reporting System (CFRS) that is entirely web-based, permitting candidates, political committees, Political Action Committees (PACs), and Third Party Advertisers to file reports easily and efficiently.  Additionally, the system permits public access to records at any time.  It is designed to allow the public to search the site intuitively in order to find the information they are seeking as quickly as possible.

“The Welcome Packet will serve a convenient reference tool for all candidates, and they will receive it at the time they file for office,” said Elaine Manlove, State Election Commissioner. “This is a logical next step, after the rollout to the enhanced CFRS website.  In addition, the Department has dedicated experts in this field who are always more than happy to work with a candidate or committee to ensure compliance with the law, and that information is properly documented in the CFRS system to permit the public to access it.” added Manlove.

The Welcome Packet includes all necessary information to assist committee treasurers and candidates with complying with the reporting requirements and details the penalties for untimely reporting.  It also provides contact information, as well as avenues for assistance.

Access the Campaign Finance portal at:

More info on the Department of Elections, including the Campaign Finance portal, is available at:

Campaign Finance Training

Dover DE– The Department of Elections has scheduled campaign finance training sessions to assist political committee candidates and treasurers understand the requirements set forth in Title 15, Chapter 80. Additionally, we want to insure that all responsible parties are familiar with the Campaign Finance Reporting System (CFRS) so they are able to file reports, amend information, and navigate the system comfortably and effectively.

Date: January 6, 2016

Times and Locations:
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.- Office of the State Election Commissioner 905 S. Governors Ave., Suite 170, Dover, DE 19904, or
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.- Department of Elections New Castle County Warehouse 220 Lisa Drive, New Castle, DE 19720

**To attend please RSVP by December 15, 2015 to or by calling (302) 739-4277.**