DNREC announces that Croda, Inc. can resume ethylene oxide production at company’s Atlas Point facility

Approval granted for operation of Croda’s EO plant after company fulfills Delaware accidental release prevention requirements

DOVER – Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Shawn M. Garvin announced today that the Department has granted approval to Croda, Inc. to resume ethylene oxide (EO) production at the company’s Atlas Point facility. Croda received DNREC approval by fulfilling its obligations to improve safety at the facility through actions required by DNREC’s accidental release program. DNREC issued its requirements after investigating the Nov. 25, 2018 accidental release of EO, the volatile chemical substance used in the manufacturing of Croda’s products.

DNREC Secretary Garvin ordered Croda to complete seven accidental release prevention action requirements before the Department would approve the resumption of EO production at Croda’s new ethylene oxide plant. At DNREC’s direction, Croda completed an internal incident investigation report; a focused process hazard analysis of all EO release points; a fire water system hazard analysis; fire water system procedures training; fire department manifold connection to Croda’s fire water system supply tank; employee training for EO plant operation and emergency procedures; and a safety validation process – also known internally by Croda as the pre-startup safety review.

In addition to DNREC’s requirements, Croda installed automated purge and isolation valves, 26 additional fixed ethylene oxide gas detectors and eight additional closed circuit TV cameras, as well as upgraded its vapor suppression capabilities.

After coordination with DNREC and the New Castle County Office of Emergency Management, Croda also decided to install an emergency siren system to be used in conjunction with several other notification systems for alerting the public in the event of an accidental release by the facility. The system will be installed on or about Jan. 31, 2020.

Within a month of the Nov. 25, 2018 incident, DNREC, along with numerous state and local government agencies and Croda officials, held a public information meeting to review the incident and governmental agencies’ response. Other agencies included Delaware’s Department of Homeland Security, Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), Division of Public Health, State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), and the New Castle County Department of Public Safety and Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). DNREC also held a second public meeting in August with Croda to update the surrounding community on the required accidental release prevention actions and obtain additional community input.

After Croda established that it had met all of DNREC’s requirements, including resulting upgrades and safety improvements for both Croda employees and the community, Secretary Garvin announced today that the company could begin operating the ethylene oxide plant again at the Atlas Point facility.

Media contact: Michael Globetti, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902


DNREC to hold public information sessions Sept. 9 in Dover and New Castle on state’s new refrigerant incentive program

DOVER – The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will hold two public information sessions Monday, Sept. 9 detailing a new program that will provide incentives to Delaware businesses to install refrigeration systems less harmful to the environment than systems currently used by many businesses and organizations in the state. The first information session will take place at 11 a.m. at DNREC offices at 391 Lukens Drive, New Castle, DE 19720, while the second session is scheduled for 6 p.m. at DNREC’s State Street Commons offices, 100 W. Water St., Dover, DE 19904.

DNREC’s Division of Climate, Coastal, & Energy plans to launch the new “Cool Switch – Low Impact Refrigerant Program” later this month. Some refrigerants, like hydrofluorocarbons, are a potent greenhouse gas that have significant impact on global warming. The public information sessions will discuss how the new DNREC program will offer incentives for new systems or upgrades of existing systems to participating municipalities, businesses, non-profits and industries.

For more information please contact Robert Underwood, DNREC Energy Administrator, Division of Climate, Coastal, & Energy, at 302-735-3489 or email robert.underwood@delaware.gov. Additional information, including an agenda for the meetings, can be found on the state Public Meeting Calendar.

Media contact: Joanna Wilson, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902


DNREC Secretary’s Order grants air quality construction permit to Walan Specialty Construction Products, LLC

DNREC LogoDOVER – Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Shawn M. Garvin has issued a Secretary’s Order granting an air quality construction permit for Walan Specialty Construction Products, LLC’s slag-grinding, drying and processing facility in Wilmington. The Secretary’s Order indicates that feedback received throughout the public comment period following a Nov. 20, 2018 DNREC public hearing has resulted in an air quality permit that includes a comprehensive fugitive dust control plan and control measures not included in Walan’s permit application.

According to the Order, numerous measures have been incorporated into the permit that will require Walan Specialty Construction Products, LLC to minimize offsite impacts from the company’s operation of the facility. These include the facility using state-of-the-art best available control technology (BACT) to control particulate emissions from the drying and grinding operations, and implementing best management practices to maintain a neat and orderly work environment.

Other measures to minimize environmental impacts include limiting truck activity onsite to paved surfaces. Truck loading of Walan Specialty Construction Products’ finished product will use a sealed chute going to enclosed trucks within a bay utilizing curtain doors in the loading areas. Prior to processing, granulated blast furnace slag stored onsite will be tarped. The permit also includes a throughput limit of 150,000 tons per year of slag (a 43 percent reduction from the permit application), resulting in lower permitted emissions than figures presented by Walan at the DNREC public hearing last November.

The facility has also committed to transporting products via truck routes that avoid neighborhoods, performing daily inspections of the hauling route to the facility, and promptly cleaning up any spilled material. These offsite measures as well as the onsite tarping and installation of curtain doors for the truck loading area are the direct result of feedback received at the hearing and during the public comment period.

The Secretary’s Order can be found on the DNREC website at https://dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/secretarys-orders/permitting/.

Media contact: Michael Globetti, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902

Vol. 49, No. 219


DNREC issues administrative penalty and Secretary’s Order to EcoServices, LLC for Hazardous Air Pollutant violations

DOVER – Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Shawn M. Garvin has issued a Notice of Administrative Penalty Assessment and DNREC Secretary’s Order to EcoServices, LLC, and a company foreman, Derrick Maxwell, for violating Delaware’s Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. Both EcoServices, LLC, and Derrick Maxwell were each assessed a penalty of $20,000 by DNREC, and ordered to pay $12,948 in recovery costs for the Department’s services and subsequent investigation.

EcoServices, LLC, a licensed environmental contractor based in Exton, Pa., and the company’s worksite foreman Maxwell were found to be in violation of state emission standards for hazardous air pollutants when EcoServices, LLC performed asbestos abatement services earlier this year at the former General Motors plant at Boxwood in New Castle County.

The two violations by EcoServices, LLC and Derrick Maxwell cited in the Secretary’s Order occurred on Feb. 25 and March 8, 2019. Each violation was assessed a $10,000 penalty by DNREC. The Order, which can be found on the DNREC website at https://dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/secretarys-orders/enforcement/, provides more information about EcoServices, LLC’s hazardous air pollutant violations at the former Boxwood GM plant.
Respondents have 30 days to appeal the Secretary’s Order by requesting a public hearing.

Vol. 49, No. 214

Media contact: Michael Globetti, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902


DNREC issues $40,000 penalty and Secretary’s Order to Diamond State Generation Partners, LLC for Air Permit Ciolations

DOVER – Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Shawn M. Garvin has issued a DNREC Notice of Administrative Penalty and Secretary’s Order to Diamond State Generation Partners, LLC (Bloom Energy) for violations of Delaware’s air quality regulations. Diamond State Generation Partners has paid a penalty of $40,000 along with $5,454 in cost recovery to the Department.

Diamond State Generation Partners, LLC/Bloom Energy owns and operates a fuel cell facility in New Castle, Del., commonly identified as the “Red Lion” facility. The DNREC Administrative Penalty covers air quality violations at the company’s Red Lion facility that occurred from June 16 through July 19, 2019.

The Secretary’s Order can be found on the DNREC website at https://dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/secretarys-orders/enforcement/.

Vol. 49, No. 207

Media contact: Michael Globetti, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902