Delaware Reunites Owners with Unclaimed Property

In just over eight months, the Department of Finance’s Office of Unclaimed Property has reunited more individuals with their unclaimed property during Fiscal Year 2014 than it did in all of Fiscal Year 2013. 

As of March 6, 2014, the Office of Unclaimed Property has reviewed and fulfilled more than 9,700 claims for unclaimed cash and securities having a total value of $83.0 million.  This compares to Fiscal 2013’s full-year total of 3,047 claims valued at $19.2 million. 

Such growth is due to the State’s improved customer focus and its concentrated effort to increase owner outreach.  In addition to posting owner names online and in newspapers – as it does every year – the State mailed over 150,000 letters during the spring of 2013 informing individuals of their unclaimed assets in Delaware. 

The State also has the business community and the companies holding property and stock to thank for their continued assistance in finding, contacting, and reuniting individuals to unclaimed funds. 

“We are thrilled by the increase,” commented State Escheator, David Gregor.  “Whenever possible, the idea is to reunite individuals with their property.  We view companies and their agents as our partners in this endeavor.  Because these holders understand Delaware’s commitment to compliance, they take their outreach efforts seriously.”

Individuals are encouraged to visit the Unclaimed Property website to see if they may be entitled to recover property:

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Angela Moffett-Batty
Community Relations Coordinator
Delaware Department of Finance

Credit Rating Agencies Affirm Delaware’s Triple-A Rating

Bond agencies continue to measure Delaware’s credit risk favorably

In their review for the state’s upcoming bond sale, Standard & Poor’s Rating Services, Fitch Ratings, and Moody’s Investors Service have all awarded Delaware a triple-A credit rating, the highest rating possible. All three ratings agencies highlight Delaware’s financial history and responsible governance in their reports. S&P attributed the state’s continued credit stability to Delaware’s prudent fiscal management and healthy reserves, while Moody’s said Delaware is in a strong position relative to its peers. The State has proudly received triple, triple-A ratings since 2000, managing to maintain that status even through the Great Recession and a challenging national economy.

“These ratings affirm the success we have had in addressing our budget challenges while adhering to high standards of fiscal responsibility,”  Governor Markell said. “This announcement means taxpayers will continue to benefit from lower costs for important projects that create jobs and improve quality of life in our state, including construction at schools, libraries and other facilities. There is more work to do to strengthen Delaware’s economy, but we are on the right track.”

The ratings were released as the state prepares to take bids on $225 million in general obligation bonds on Thursday, February 27th.  The bonds will be sold to finance capital construction projects, for example, school projects in Laurel, Smyrna, Red Clay and Woodbridge, libraries in Wilmington, Claymont, Lewes and Greenwood, a new state police troop and various other projects that improve the quality of life in Delaware.  The triple-A rating reflects a low credit risk which minimizes the return investors demand and minimizes the cost of these capital projects for Delawareans.

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Angela Moffett-Batty
Community Relations Coordinator
Delaware Department of Finance

Governors Markell and Sandoval Sign Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement

Wilmington, DE – Governor Markell and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval took an important step forward in online gaming today, signing a first-in-the-nation Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement that will eventually allow poker players in both states to play against each other online at the same virtual tables.

“Gov. Sandoval and I both share the goal of ensuring that our states’ gaming industries are as competitive as they can be, while ensuring that games are conducted fairly, honestly, and securely,” said Governor Markell. “This Agreement represents a crucial step in Delaware’s and Nevada’s efforts to make our online poker offerings more diverse, more competitive, and ultimately more enjoyable. I am grateful for Governor Sandoval’s support and leadership in this effort.”

fDSCF8506 The agreement develops a framework through which the two states will jointly adhere to minimum regulatory standards.  It also allows Member States to retain the necessary control over who offers online gaming within their borders, and it allows Member States to pursue the particular applications of online gaming that make the most sense for them. For example, Nevada will only allow online poker games, and under this agreement, Member States have the flexibility and discretion to make those kinds of policy determinations for themselves.

“This is truly a historic day for Nevada, Delaware, and the country.  One year ago the Nevada Legislature passed and I signed an Internet gaming bill into law, and today we are just beginning to witness the potential of this legislation with the signing of this agreement,” stated Governor Brian Sandoval.  “The approach we’ve taken will allow us to pursue greater opportunities by establishing a strong framework for collaboration in this new frontier.  The possibilities that are ahead of us are truly extraordinary. The agreement we’ve signed today provides the tools and the structure necessary for us to pioneer this expanding industry together, as states and as partners.  I have had the pleasure of working with Governor Markell in the past and look forward to this partnership with the State of Delaware.  I would like to thank him for his leadership and willingness to join Nevada in this new frontier of gaming.”

Unclaimed Property Publication Released

Is your name on the list?

The Delaware Department of Finance will publish the names and addresses of over 100,000 owners of unclaimed property in today’s Delaware State News, the News Journal and on

Pursuant to Section 1143, Chapter 11, Title 12 of the Delaware Code, this property has been reported to the Delaware State Escheator by corporations and other entities unable to locate the property’s rightful owners.  Unclaimed property is not real estate but monetary items like stocks, wages, refunds, uncashed/undelivered/unclaimed dividends, interest, and more.

Today’s list will name property owners around the world. The list will remain online for one year to encourage increased claims.

To claim property on today’s list, a claimant must be the property’s rightful owner. The claimant’s name must appear on the list, or they must be an executor or heir of an estate whose owner’s name appears on today’s list. Claimants must then complete a Request Form available with the published list or on

Before a claim can be initiated, all claimants must include with their Request Form a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or other applicable identification. Claimants must also provide documentation demonstrating a legal right to claim any property listed in another name.  (Examples: For estates, certified Letter of Testamentary or Small Estate Affidavit. For another living person, a notarized Power of Attorney.) A Claim Form or request for additional information will then be mailed to the claimant for completion.

Due to the size of today’s publication and the expected response, Request Forms will be answered within approximately (12) weeks from the receipt of inquiry. Further information concerning a claim can be obtained by calling (302) 577-8782 or by sending an e-mail to

Request Forms should be sent to:

Delaware Division of Revenue
Bureau of Unclaimed Property
P.O. Box 8931
Wilmington, DE 19899