State Auditor McGuiness Releases Special Report Analyzing Overdose Data Dashboard

DOVER, Del. – State Auditor Kathy McGuiness announced today the release of a special report titled “Falling Short During the Opioid Crisis? Delaware’s Overdose Dashboard”. This special report reviewed Delaware’s current drug overdose deaths data dashboard to determine if enhancements are needed that would positively affect the end user experience and better inform the response to substance abuse issues in the state.

“The opioid crisis has taken a major toll on the lives of families across our state with Delaware ranked 3rd in the nation for drug overdose mortality in 2020,” Auditor McGuiness said. “Communication is key to increased preparedness and awareness for communities to counter the complex challenges of drug addiction. Concerned residents must have data at their fingertips and that data must be relevant for the prevention and treatment assistance so desperately needed by local Delaware communities.”

Under Delaware Code 2909, the State Auditor may produce special reports that examine state agencies’ performance and offer recommendations for greater accuracy and efficiency, as well as data, information, and recommendations the State Auditor deems advisable and necessary.

The opioid crisis is a major concern in the United States and Delaware’s state agencies have prioritized efforts to attack the issue at its roots as well as combat the aftermath of illicit opioids, yet the mortality rate in Delaware remains among the highest in the country. Designing a data dashboard that meets the needs of those using the information requires an understanding of the user’s perspective and proper coverage of the scope of the problem Delaware faces in combating drug overdose deaths.

“Publishing statistics in a timely and comprehensive manner conveys to the public that the issue is real, dangerous, and that the State is committed to action. Drug overdose mortality is one statistic where the First State must not become first” McGuiness said.

The new special report, “Falling Short During the Opioid Crisis? Delaware’s Overdose Dashboard” can be found here.

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Contact: Tori Parker, Deputy Auditor