LIFE Conference 2021 is Open for Registration

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The 2021 Delaware LIFE Conference, “Delaware’s Premier Disability Conference” is now open for registration.  The three-day VIRTUAL conference on September 15, 21 & 22 features a variety of speakers and educational sessions.

Registration is $25 for a person with a disability, parents, guardians, caregivers and students. General admission has an earlybird registration fee of $45 (before July 31) and a $55 fee afterward. 

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The mission of the LIFE Conference is to be at the forefront of providing information, educational resources, and opportunities for persons with disabilities, their families, caregivers, educators, and providers.


Thriving with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Delaware Academy of Medicine and the Delaware Public Health Administration have published the March 2021 issue of the Delaware Journal of Public Health.  This issue focuses on Diversabilty: Thriving with Intellectual and Developmental Disability. The journal is packed with information and references if you wish to do further research. 


Learn about the History of Disability  in the Delaware Disability History and Awareness Month

In the past, people with disabilities of all ages were shut away and ignored, cast off by families and society, or ridiculed because of their differences. 

Thankfully that is continuing to change due in part to significant changes in governing law. The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA is thirty years old this year. It was a cornerstone piece of legislation that made a tremendous impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Like all cornerstones, it is a place to build.

Delaware Disability Hub is a transition website for youth with disabilities and has a comprehensive Disability Timeline starting in 400 B.C to the current time.  The 44-page timeline is viewable online or can be downloaded as a PDF. The language in the timeline is representative of the time.

We have come a long way from the dark ages of disabilities to current times yet, still have a way to go. When fears of difference are overcome and we view each other as differently-abled, humanity will have made great strides in accepting the disability community and all people.

Delaware Disability Hub is a special project of the GACEC.  For more information call 302-739-4553

October is Delaware Disability History and Awareness Month

October is Delaware Disability History and Awareness Month (DHAM). You may access information on DHAM on the GACEC website.

Individuals with disabilities have played a vital role in influencing our nation’s history. It is essential that we develop a spirit of acceptance of all people, in our students, particularly our young children. Governor Markell signed House Bill 123 on August 17, 2011, designating October as Disability History and Awareness Month. That bill encourages school districts across Delaware to implement activities to observe Disability History and Awareness Month. House Concurrent Resolution 33, passed in 2013, proclaimed the month of October to be “Disability History and Awareness Month” in Delaware.  The bill encouraged all Delaware childhood development centers and family-based pre-schools and childcare programs to provide instruction and events focusing on disability history, people with disabilities and the disability rights movement.

The Resource Guide outlines House Bill 123 Disability History and Awareness Month (DHAM). and was developed specifically for children.

On the GACEC website is a free downloadable version of the GACEC DEAP produced books, “All My Different Friends at School” and the “There’s Nothing to Fear” coloring book.  Daycare providers who call the GACEC will receive a softcover copy of “All My Different Friends at School” and the coloring book while supplies last.

If you have any questions on the information provided, please contact the GACEC at 302-739-4553

Department of Finance & The Precisionists, Inc. Launch Autism at Work Program

The State of Delaware Department of Finance recently began collaborating with The Precisionists (TPI), a Wilmington, Del.-based organization focused on employment for adults with disabilities. The pilot program, about to celebrate its first anniversary, uses the talents of a team of autistic adults from TPI’s workforce to tackle critical business needs within the Department of Finance’s Division of Revenue (DOR).

“When properly assessed and trained, people with autism are extremely high-performing employees working in critical and challenging jobs such as administrative business functions, including scanning documents and data entry, software testing, website QA, and data analytics,” said Ernie Dianastasis, CEO of The Precisionists. “When you consider that more than 80 percent of people with autism in the country are either unemployed or underemployed, we are making a true difference in engaging a significant, untapped labor force. We are thrilled to partner on this project with the State of Delaware Department of Finance, which continues to demonstrate leadership and commitment to the community.”

TPI identified, assessed, and trained its employees participating in the pilot program. Since January 2020, a TPI team consisting of several data analysts and a project lead have been fully integrated with the Delaware DOR team in Wilmington to support DOR’s Personal Income Tax Returns Processing and Business License Processing functions. For personal income tax returns, TPI team members receive, resolve, and process exceptions to tax return filings. For business licenses, TPI team members receive new applications and renewals for data entry into the system and processing.

“The Precisionists has created an innovative model focused on helping organizations excel by bringing the talents and strengths of people with diverse abilities into the workforce,” said Rick Geisenberger, Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Finance. “Our Department is thrilled to be part of this effort that aligns so well with our values under the leadership of Governor Carney, and strengthens our ability to continuously improve the services we provide to our customers and the State’s taxpayers.”

“The work being done by the TPI Associates has provided needed support and continuous improvement to the Division of Revenue. The resources they have provided have enabled us to better manage our day-to-day operations. The employees from The Precisionists are reliable contributors to our team,” said Jennifer Hudson, Director of the Division of Revenue.

Those participating in the pilot go through a comprehensive four-week training program. As part of the pilot program, the State of Delaware hopes to identify additional opportunities to expand this employment model to other parts of the business, further supporting The Precisionists’ goal of employing 10,000 people with diverse abilities in the United States by 2025.


About the State of Delaware Department of Finance and Division of Revenue
The Delaware Department of Finance’s mission is to promote Delaware’s fiscal health fairly and efficiently by forecasting, generating, collecting, and accounting for funds critical to essential government services.
As the primary revenue collector for the State, the mission of the Division of Revenue is to serve the State of Delaware by administering tax laws in a fair, secure, and efficient manner that creates the highest possible level of satisfaction for taxpayers and stakeholders and provides revenues that support quality public services.

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About The Precisionists, Inc. (TPI)
The Precisionists, Inc. (TPI), a Benefits Corporation, is a national company focused on providing industry best practices for delivering administrative and technology services by building teams, which include individuals with disabilities. This approach enables The Precisionists to meet each customer’s specific needs and to deliver projects with the highest degree of productivity. The Precisionists is dedicated to creating jobs for individuals with disabilities in all the markets it serves. The Precisionists, Inc. is headquartered in Wilmington, DE. Learn more at Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

Patricia Pfarrer
The Precisionists, Inc.

Leslie A. Poland
Community Relations Coordinator
Delaware Department of Finance