US NewGenzyme cuts ribbon at its Newport facility

Newport, DE – Governor John Carney, Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock and other officials and dignitaries joined US NewGenzyme President and CEO Gaofeng Liu to and members of the Global Delaware team Thursday at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the company’s Newport facility.

“We are very excited to start operations in Newport,” said Gaofeng Liu, president and CEO of US NewGenzyme. “The state of Delaware and New Castle County have been very supportive of our efforts from the very start, and we are confident this will be a successful opportunity for both our company and the state.”

“We are excited and honored to welcome NewGenzyme to Delaware,” said Gov. Carney. “My administration is committed to building a strong innovation economy, and NewGenzyme is a perfect example of this—an entrepreneurial operation that will create high-tech jobs and additional opportunity right here in our state.”

US NewGenzyme, a subsidiary of Chinese food ingredient and flour additive company Southern New Well Food Co., uses a fermentation process to manufacture an all-natural bio-enzyme used to improve flour products. The enzyme will be sold directly to large baking ingredient companies as well as directly to large bakeries and flour mills in the U.S. and abroad. The product will help to replace chemical bleaching agents, which have been banned in China and several European countries. The U.S. market has also seen a significant decrease in the use of chemical bleaching agents, and an increased demand for safer alternatives.

“The bio-enzyme is safer than the chemical alternatives and improves the color, shelf-life and texture of the dough,” Mr. Liu explained. “This enzyme is well-known in the industry, but until now, the challenge has been to produce it affordably on an industrial scale. It took us several years to develop and fine-tune the manufacturing process, but we are now ready to start commercial production in our Delaware facility.”

Delaware provides right location, resources

Although the company’s research operations are in Maryland, the company chose to locate its manufacturing facility in Delaware because of the strong manufacturing legacy in the region, US NewGenzyme Business Manager Mike Tian explained. “Making the move from a lab-scale operation to an industrial-scale operation is a big step, and not an easy one. Here in Delaware, we were able to get the assistance we needed to launch our operation quickly and without a lot of extra steps. Everyone at the state of Delaware has been extremely helpful.”

Mr. Tian noted that the facility is an easy drive to the FDA and close to excellent schools that can provide a talent pool as it ramps up operations. In addition, the plant’s proximity to Interstate 95 provides easy distribution to East Coast customers.
“Delaware has much to offer young bioscience companies, from its strategic location to its outstanding universities and deep talent pool,” said Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock. “NewGenzyme joins a growing number of strong, innovative companies, and we look forward to partnering with them to ensure their long-term success.”

Once the plant is running at full capacity, US NewGenzyme will employ between five and ten people, Mr. Tian said. Many of the positions will be manufacturing jobs, but the plant will also require several science and engineering professionals for quality assurance and plant management.

“We look forward to starting operations very soon, and we are grateful to Global Delaware and to officials around the State and County for all of their support in helping us make this project a reality,” Mr. Tian added.

Delaware Awarded STEP Grant Funds for Third Year in a Row

Wilmington, DE – For the third year in a row, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has granted a State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) award to Delaware’s Department of State. This year’s award totals $221,713 and will be used to support the state’s efforts to assist Delaware companies in entering and developing markets overseas.

The STEP Program makes matching-fund awards to states to assist small businesses in the international marketplace. The program’s objectives are to increase the number of U.S. small businesses that export and to increase the value of exports by small businesses. Delaware will match the SBA grant with $73,904, bringing the total available for export efforts to $295,617.

As with previous STEP grants, a significant portion of the grant will be used to directly reimburse small- and medium-sized companies for eligible, pre-approved export expenses such as international travel, trade show activities, international marketing materials and overseas interpreters.

“The STEP funds from the SBA make our strategic export program possible, and enable local companies to land key accounts that were unattainable before,” said Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock, noting that Delaware companies are anticipating over $16 million in sales as a result of last year’s export program. “We hope other Delaware businesses will take note and take advantage of this terrific program.”

Global Delaware, the state’s international marketing arm, will also use the grant to finance export-related marketing activities, from working with in-country trade reps to organizing trade missions to connect Delaware businesses with buyers and distributors abroad.

This year, Global Delaware is expanding its Strategic Export Program, adding Colombia, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia to its list of target countries. Business trips have already been scheduled for Ireland this fall and additional trips are in the works to the other new countries.

STEP grant funds can be used on these business trips to hire interpreters and cover other costs associated with the business trips, such as translating marketing presentations and paying for in-country transportation.

“Last year, 36 companies participated in export events offered by Global Delaware, and we have seen contracts grow and become more consistent,” said Beth Pomper, Global Delaware’s export advisor. “We are excited to continue to leverage our efforts and explore opportunities in our new target countries. As always, we urge local companies to reach out to us to get their export strategy off the ground.”

Delaware companies can learn more about attending a mission or applying for an export grant on the Global Delaware website at


Meet the Reps: Global Delaware expands export program, adds new countries and trade reps

Wilmington, DE – Global Delaware is expanding its Strategic Export Program to Colombia, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, and has hired new international trade representatives in each country to help support export efforts by Delaware companies.

The new reps will be on hand to present an overview of export opportunities in their respective countries and be available for one-on-one meetings on Thursday, September 14 at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce at Global Delaware’s 3rd annual Meet the Reps event.

Delaware’s trade reps work in-country to perform market research and analysis, develop product strategies for market entry, identify distributors and potential customers, and provide in-country logistical, translational and related support services on behalf of Delaware companies.

“This event has become a must-attend for the state’s local business community,” said Beth Pomper, Global Delaware’s export advisor. “Attendees love to hear about opportunities abroad, and value the insights our reps provide. We are especially excited about this year’s event because we have new reps coming to talk about the target countries that we have added to our program.”

Pomper, who plans the state’s strategic export program, extensively researched the world’s markets to find the best prospects for the products and services Delaware companies provide. She selected the five new countries based on these factors and other global trends. For example, while Ireland’s bioscience, pharmaceuticals, financial technology and food processing sectors have matured, there is a new wave of activity there as a result of Brexit. Industries are growing once again, and Delaware companies have the chance to take part.

Each country offers unique opportunities, Pomper said.

“Singapore is a gateway to Southeast Asia, offering a launch pad for Delaware manufacturers to find distributors selling to other countries in Southeast Asia. It has the most efficient healthcare system on earth, and many Delaware companies make products that service this industry. It is relatively easy to export to Singapore as well, as the majority of goods enter duty free. Malaysia is a hub for manufacturing, and it’s very close to Singapore (a 50-minute flight or four-hour drive), so it’s ideal to go to both nations in one trip.

“Colombia is an emerging market. There is demand for security products, and manufacturing is a big industry. There is a lot of growth potential right now. Finally, to succeed in Australia, companies have to be innovative and unique. Many Delaware SMEs fit this bill and will find great partners there.”

The reps in these countries know the certification processes, regulations, and business laws in their home countries, Pomper notes, and can provide Delaware companies with the tools and resources to successfully sell their goods and services in the global marketplace. Plus, they have key connections Delaware businesses need to get appointments with people who are in a position to purchase their products and services.

“Our reps have been critical to the success of the State’s numerous business trips over the past year, arranging strategic one-on-one in-country meetings and assisting with logistics,” Pomper said. “We are confident our new reps will be able to provide the same high-quality services in Colombia, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.”

Support at home and abroad

Global Delaware’s strategic export initiative focuses on expanding the state’s export program, offering tactical and practical services to increase exports and ultimately create jobs. Over the past year, Global Delaware has led business trips to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada and South Korea, generating over $16 million in projected sales. New missions to Canada and Ireland are planned for the coming months.

In addition, Delaware businesses benefited from $275,000 in financial assistance in the form of STEP grants to expand exports this year.

The STEP grant is a resource for the state’s export efforts and companies looking to launch or grow their export strategy. There are many international business expenses that companies can use the grants for, such as expenses related to trade shows, client visits, travel, translations and market research.

“Our mission is to help Delaware companies find opportunities around the world,” explains Global Delaware Director Andrea Tinianow. “We have the expertise, the resources, and a growing number of success stories. We want to see more companies join that list!”

The following reps will be available to talk about overseas opportunities:

Miguel de Regil, Colombia
Miguel is a friendly face with a new assignment. Delaware’s trade rep for Mexico for the past 2 years, Miguel will now serve local companies exploring Colombia as well. With more than four decades of international trade experience, Miguel brings extensive knowledge of consumer and industrial markets throughout Latin America.

Declan Barry, Ireland
Declan worked in international business development across Europe for over a decade. He helps pharmaceutical, medtech, fintech and cyber security businesses expand to Ireland.

Sarath Menon, Singapore and Malaysia
Over the last 15 years, Sarath has supported thousands of companies in the industrial, commercial and service industries. He can also assist companies interested in exploring opportunities in Vietnam.

Angela Foley, Australia
Angela has supported international trade efforts of businesses in Australia for over 15 years.
(Angela will not attend the Meet the Reps event, but is available for consultation for local companies interested in Australia.)

Registration for the event opens at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 14 at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, 1201 North Orange Street, #200, Wilmington, DE. Delaware trade reps will provide brief country overviews starting at 9:00 a.m., followed by one-on-one meetings throughout the morning.

Businesses unable to make this event are encouraged to contact Emma Pautler at to arrange an alternative meeting time.

To register for this event and sign up for one-on-one meetings, go to: and fill out the short form. Global Delaware and The Delaware Department of State would like to thank Fulton Bank for sponsoring this event, and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce for hosting.


Leaders from Europe’s foremost science and healthcare clusters to meet with Delaware bioscience experts at new Delaware Innovation Space

Emma Pautler global
Director of Marketing
Global Delaware

Wilmington, DE – A delegation from Europe’s leading science and healthcare clusters will meet with distinguished Delaware researchers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs to discuss exciting work being done here in bioscience, cancer research and healthcare fintech. The event will be held on Friday, June 16 at the Delaware Innovation Space ( business incubator and research institute at the DuPont Experimental Station.

The European delegates represent bioXclusters+, the leading European meta-cluster on personalized healthcare. bioXclusters+ brings together four of the fastest-growing life science and healthcare clusters in Europe and representing 3,300 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of personalized medicine, oncology, cardiovascular, inflammatory, infectious diseases and the central nervous system.

They will attend this exclusive one-day event en route to the International BIO Convention in San Diego. Organized in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network, European American Enterprise Council and French American Chamber of Commerce, the event gives Delaware the opportunity to showcase its competitive advantages for bioscience businesses and to give local companies and institutes the chance to explore collaboration opportunities with their European counterparts.

“Delaware has much to offer international bioscience companies looking for a gateway to the U.S. market and for collaboration opportunities with U.S. companies and researchers,” said Secretary of State Jeff Bullock. “We look forward to sharing information about our resources, domain experts and entrepreneurial community with our guests at DISI.”

Delaware Innovation Space President and CEO Bill Provine will give delegation members a guided tour of the facilities, which will soon include laboratory suites, shared open laboratory space, premium lab equipment, hands-on support services, and shared-use conference rooms.

Secretary Bullock and New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer will welcome delegates at a networking lunch, followed by an afternoon of roundtable discussion with local experts. Topics will include bioscience innovation in Delaware and opportunities for collaboration; an exciting cancer research project involving gene editing currently underway at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center; and how distributed ledger technology can be used to manage and share healthcare records more safely and efficiently.

Some of Delaware’s most influential and innovative bioscience professionals will be on-hand for the discussion. “This is a unique opportunity for delegates to connect with an exceptional group of professionals and to appreciate what Delaware can offer the international bioscience community,” said Helen Stimson, President of the Delaware Bioscience Association.

“Delaware has the whole package: cutting-edge facilities, an engaged team of public officials, a dynamic community of scientific and business experts, and the quality of life that companies seek when looking to start up new operations,” says Bill Provine. “We look forward to engaging with our guests and showcasing for them the value that Delaware can deliver.”

Members of the press are welcome at this event. Please complete this form if you plan to attend.

About the Delaware Innovation Space
The Delaware Innovation Space, Inc. ( is a non-profit corporation for scientific entrepreneurship, based in Wilmington, Del. And formed from a partnership between the State of Delaware, DuPont and the University of Delaware. It is a catalyst for the growth of science-based businesses, providing entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art research space, business training and tools as they progress their ideas from concepts to commercial realities.

About Global Delaware
Global Delaware is an international economic development initiative of the Department of State. It plays a vital role in transforming the State’s economy and building a prosperous global center for innovation by helping Delaware companies develop markets overseas, attracting international companies to locate in Delaware, and promoting Delaware’s role as the worldwide leader in corporate governance.

New Site Makes Formation Easier for Small Businesses

Partnership with Delaware Libraries Makes Corporate
Filings Faster and More Accessible

Wilmington, DE – Joined by Delaware entrepreneurs and small business owners, Gov. Jack Markell today launched a new web portal to deliver online business formation and related services in support of in-state businesses.

Global Delaware, the Division of Corporations, the Division of Libraries, and public libraries across the state have teamed up with two Delaware-licensed registered agents, CT Corporation and IncNow, to make business registration available directly from the state for the first time.

imgresUntil now, Delawareans looking to form an entity directly with the state had to file through the mail or in-person at the Division of Corporations offices in Wilmington or Dover. With this new service, residents can complete the task online or at a Delaware public library with help from a librarian. This new option is quick, safe and cost-effective.

“The collaborative effort puts a terrific resource in the hands of our residents, and is exactly the direction we want to be headed in: Supporting local companies looking to create business structures that will enable expanded growth and success,” said Governor Markell.

Registration services on the Division of Libraries’ online platform have been customized for Delaware businesses, with the backing of the Division of Corporations as well as Delaware’s extensive public library network. The registration service will reside on the Delaware Libraries Entrepreneurship Community page, with other online tools and resources designed to support budding businesses.

“More than 1.2 million legal entities are incorporated in Delaware from around the world. I’m pleased that CT Corporation and IncNow took up the challenge of creating a product specifically targeted to the needs of small Delaware-based businesses,” explained Rick Geisenberger, director of the Division of Corporations. “By partnering with trusted agents and public libraries, we can further ensure that local entrepreneurs have convenient access to services they need when it comes time to start a business.”

“This partnership with Global Delaware is a great opportunity for us to add expert tools that support microbusinesses here in the State,” said State Librarian Dr. Annie Norman. “Delaware Libraries serve as a hub for connecting Delawareans with the information and resources they need to help them move forward with their plans to launch a new business.”

Librarians across the state received training on the new business registration platform in order to assist Delawareans who want to use the service. In addition, the new online service includes dedicated helplines staffed by professionals from IncNow and CT Corporation who will help walk users through the process and answer questions.

“State agencies continue to work together to help Delaware businesses become more informed, supported and competitive,” said Andrea Tinianow, director of Global Delaware. “We hope the local business community will take full advantage of this newest resource, and to let us know how else we can help.”