Governor Carney Formally Extends Public Health Emergency

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor Carney on Thursday formally extended the Public Health Emergency order another 30 days to allow the State of Delaware and medical providers to continue COVID-19 vaccination and testing programs.


“As we enter the holiday season, it’s important that we keep doing the things we know that work,” said Governor Carney. “Stay home if you’re sick. Get vaccinated and boosted when you’re eligible. And get your flu shot if you haven’t yet.”


Under Delaware law, Public Health Emergency declarations must be renewed every 30 days.


Visit Governor Carney’s website to view the Public Health Emergency extension.



Delaware Receives RAISE Grant for Route 9 Corridor Improvements

Governor John Carney and the Delaware congressional delegation gathered at the Rose Hill Community Center in New Castle today to announce a $6 million federal grant from the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program to help urban and rural communities move forward on projects that modernize roads, bridges, transit, rail, ports, and intermodal transportation and make our transportation systems safer, more accessible, more affordable, and more sustainable.

“This announcement is about building a stronger community. More than a quarter of the residents in the Route 9 area do not have access to a car and rely on walking, biking, and public transportation,” said Governor Carney. “This $6 million award from the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity program will help make Route 9 safer and livable for pedestrians. Thank you to the Congressional delegation – Senators Carper and Coons and Representative Blunt Rochester – for advocating tirelessly for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that is driving this project.”

Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski added, “We are looking at our road systems through a new lens and not just how we are moving automotive traffic, but all modes of transportation. Everyone deserves an equitable right to mobility and these projects will help residents of these communities travel safer and easier whether its walking, biking, using public transportation, or an automobile.”

“We are seeing our hard work on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in the Environment and Public Works Committee come to fruition, right here on Route 9,” said U.S. Senator Tom Carper, chair of the committee. “The federal funding that will help uplift the Route 9 corridor that we are celebrating today is from the RAISE Grant program, which aims to make investments in safety, especially for pedestrians and bicyclists, sustainability, and resilience, all while addressing the backlog of repairs in our nation’s transportation system. I look forward to seeing the results of this remarkable investment into these communities.”

“When the Route 9 corridor was first laid out after WWII, it was too much, too close together: industrial right next to commercial, right next to residential. We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fix some of the things that made the roads unsafe, that made public transportation difficult to access, and that has too often made the corridor a hard place to live,” U.S. Senator Chris Coons said. “What a blessing to look back at areas where planning frankly failed the needs of the community and know we’re investing millions of dollars in federal and state funding to do real planning and produce a new vision for how people will move up and down the corridor, and how they will connect with it.”

“Investing in our transportation infrastructure is essential to the health, economy, and well-being of the First State,” said Rep. Blunt Rochester. “Today’s $6 million RAISE grant announcement will pave the way for DelDOT to begin planning on projects to improve transportation infrastructure that keep environmental, economic, and transportation equity at the forefront. I’m proud to have supported DelDOT’s grant application and to have voted for the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which more than doubled funding for the RAISE Grant. There’s more work to be done but I am confident that if we — the Biden Administration, federal, state, and local leaders and community members — continue to work together, we will create safer, healthier communities here in Delaware.”

The Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) is also receiving $630,000 in federal funding for its Connecting Route 9 Corridor Communities project, which will improve transportation in the Delaware State Route 9 corridor. Many residents in this area are members of minority groups and live below the poverty line with limited or no access to a car. With community outreach and technical analyses, DTC will plan improvements to enhance bus service, microtransit and the pedestrian environment to provide access to jobs, schools, healthcare, and other services.

The grant will fund preconstruction activities for the 12 projects identified in the 2017 WILMAPCO Route 9 Corridor Land Use and Transportation Plan and includes surveying, establishing the existing right-of-way, and location of existing utilities along the Route 9 corridor between Wilmington and New Castle to develop more detailed concept plans that address both community impact and constructability.

Construction is currently estimated to begin in 2025 on the first set of projects.

Governor Carney, First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney, Delaware Department of Education Launch School Registration System

System will streamline and unify the Kindergarten, school registration process statewide

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor Carney, First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney, and the Delaware Department of Education on Monday and Tuesday launched the new school registration system, authorized by Senate Bill 82.

The new registration system makes critical updates suggested by families and school districts. This includes providing 24/7 access to forms, ensuring that all families have access to register their child or children for school, providing forms in English and Spanish, and sets-up a common data system that enables sharing across districts when families move.

“There is nothing more important than ensuring all Delawareans can read at grade level by third grade,” said Governor Carney. “This registration system will help families across the state enroll in Delaware schools. Thanks to my wife Tracey for her advocacy around Kindergarten Registration with critical leadership from the Delaware Readiness Teams, and thanks to our Department of Education for creating this resource.”

First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney traveled to the Seaford District Library, the Harrington Public Library, and the Wilmington Public Library to demonstrate the new registration process. Guests at the events were invited to participate in a Kindergarten Academy activity. The opportunity to participate in Kindergarten Academy school-readiness programs is one of several benefits of registering children for school in November, during Kindergarten Registration Month.

“I’ve been the honorary chair of the Kindergarten Registration Campaign for the past six years for two reasons,” said First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney. “One, it makes sense for everyone — the families, the schools, and, most important, the students. And two, 25 years ago, I flunked kindergarten registration — I couldn’t figure out our system here in Delaware. The new universal, online system is so much more family-friendly; it’s more equitable; and it’s more likely to get kids signed up early, which helps the students, families, and schools prepare more effectively for the coming year.”

“Registering your child in school for the first time can be an overwhelming process for families,” said Secretary of Education Dr. Mark Holodick. “We’re excited this site will make it easier by providing a consistent statewide process. We also hope it will remove barriers some may have, such as transportation and/or getting to a school office during a week day.”

“The Delaware Readiness Teams are committed to supporting families through the registration process,” said Delaware Readiness Teams Program Manager Diane Frentzel. “We have created Kindergarten Registration Information Packets to support families as they register for school. Packets are available at all libraries throughout the state. Transitioning into Kindergarten is a big milestone for children and their families. This universal registration system will make the registration process easier so we can focus on connecting families to resources that will prepare children for the transition.”

To view the Registration Event at the Wilmington Public Library, visit the Governor’s website.


Governor Carney, Keep Delaware Beautiful, Delaware Department of Transportation Launch Litter Free School Zone Program

CAMDEN WYOMING, Del. – Governor Carney on Thursday launched a new program encouraging students to keep their communities litter free. The program – “Litter Free School Zones” – was launched in coordination with Keep Delaware Beautiful and the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT). This was launched in coordination with the “Keep DE Litter Free” initiative.

The Litter Free School Zone program is designed to encourage students to keep their school grounds litter-free and to raise public awareness regarding litter. Every school in the state is encouraged to join the movement to keep Delaware litter free.

“The Litter Free School Zone program asks children to ‘think globally and act locally,’ something that stuck with me from when I was younger,” said Governor Carney. “We know that children are the conduit to change and that we can help create positive lasting habits in our youth that will carry over past their time at school and into their communities. Picking up litter makes an immediate and noticeable difference. It connects us to each other and makes us feel part of something bigger.”

“Children play an important role in Keeping DE Litter Free. This program will continue to instill pride in our schools. As stewards of their school campuses, our students’ commitment to be litter free spills over to the community and neighborhoods,” said Dr. Christine Alois, Superintendent of the Caesar Rodney School District.

In order to become a Litter Free School Zone, each school is asked to conduct two litter clean ups as a campus. Students are also asked to track the types of litter collected to help determine future messaging about litter. At the culmination of the two campus wide litter clean ups DelDOT will provide a post and sign designating the school as a Litter Free School Zone. Students, clubs, and classes can participate in the Litter Free School Zone program.

“Keeping schools litter-free is an easy and fun way for students to work together, learning valuable community leadership and responsibility skills while gaining a respect for the environment and the world around them,” said Michael Parkowski, Chairman of the Board of Keep DE Beautiful.

Schools can sign up for the program  on Keep Delaware Beautiful’s website.

Visit the Governor’s website to view the Litter Free School Zones event.


Governor Carney Formally Extends Public Health Emergency

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor Carney on Thursday formally extended the Public Health Emergency order another 30 days to allow the State of Delaware and medical providers to continue COVID-19 vaccination and testing programs.

Under Delaware law, Public Health Emergency declarations must be renewed every 30 days.

Visit Governor Carney’s website to view the Public Health Emergency extension.