Winter Weather Awareness Week Begins November 11

(Smyrna) – Every year, winter weather conditions cause deaths, injuries, and illnesses in Delaware, and throughout the United States.  Awareness of the various hazards and ways to deal with them can make a large difference in how people are impacted.

The Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) is partnering with the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, NJ, multiple state agencies, the Center for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis at the University of Delaware, and the City of Wilmington, among others.   During Winter Weather Awareness Week, participating agencies and organizations will provide information via social media and other venues, explaining the hazards associated with various types of winter hazards or conditions (snow, ice, extreme cold, fire safety, and pet safety), how to prepare for them, and how to stay safe during weather extremes.

Increased awareness of the dangers presented by winter weather extremes can lead to better preparedness and a better way to avoid becoming a victim of severe conditions.  As we begin to experience some of the colder temperatures this week, the public is reminded that cold temperatures bring about conditions that create hazards to health and safety.