“Treasury Talks” Debuts

Treasurer Davis hosts discussions on fiscal issues

Delaware State Treasurer Colleen Davis announces the first episode of “Treasury Talks,” an ongoing series of videos featuring people from around the state and around the country discussing financial related information that relates to everyone.

“’Treasury Talks’ gives me the opportunity to share not only the work of the Treasurer’s Office, but lots of information about economic matters that impact Delawareans,” Davis said. “I hope to provide a lot of insight into how we’re working for you, investing your tax dollars, and securing the State’s finances, especially during these turbulent times.”

The first episode of “Treasury Talks” features Delaware Secretary of Finance Rick Geisenberger looking at the state of the State’s investments and how Delaware is weathering the current economic storm.

“The new ‘Treasury Talks’ series is a great way to help inform the public on historic and emerging trends in the State’s finances and economy,” said Secretary Geisenberger. “I applaud Treasurer Davis for her leadership in promoting greater public participation in the policymaking and programs that benefit Delaware’s taxpayers, employees, savers and investors.”

Other scheduled guests include Dr. James Butkiewicz, economics professor at the University of Delaware, and Lisa Massena, former Executive Director of the OregonSaves retirement program in Oregon’s treasurer’s office.

A new edition of “Treasury Talks” will be posted every Thursday on the State Treasurer’s website and social media channels.