DelDOT Preparing for Freezing Temperatures Tonight and Tomorrow

With temperatures expected to plummet below freezing after sunset today, DelDOT crews will be spending the afternoon applying salt to Delaware roads.

The goal is to have all of the normal salting routes treated before rush hour. In New Castle County, every primary, secondary and local road maintained by the state will be treated. In Kent and Sussex Counties, primary and secondary roads will be treated and on local roads the normal salting operations will be completed, including intersections and known trouble spots.

Crews will remain working into the evening hours until the roads dry. DelDOT crews will be inspecting road conditions into the early morning hours and treating problem areas as needed.

Motorists are asked to complete their trips, if possible, before 6 p.m. tonight as roads are expected to freeze by that point. Despite the best efforts of the DelDOT crews, there could still be icy spots on roads.

Motorists that encounter DelDOT trucks applying salt should stay at least 150 feet away from the back of the truck. Following too closely limits the distribution of salt on roads.

Governor’s Statement on Weather Conditions

State of Delaware Offices Closed Today

State of Delaware offices are closed today (Friday, January 3) during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Non-essential employees have been asked not to report to work for this period.   Essential employees have been asked to report as scheduled.

The Governor’s Office released this statement from Governor Markell on weather conditions:

“It appears that the worst of this snow storm is behind us, but cold weather and freezing conditions will remain throughout the day,” said Governor Markell.  “DelDOT crews are actively working to clear primary roads. We strongly encourage drivers who do not need to travel to delay or refrain from going on the roads to give DelDOT plows time and ability to work.  If you don’t need to be driving, stay home until roads are cleared,” he said.

“State offices will be closed today because of road conditions and because it does not appear that state facilities will be safe for employees and the public until some point late today, if then.  Other employers should evaluate for themselves whether and when their facilities will be safe and the status of road conditions in their vicinity and act accordingly,” Markell said.

DelDOT plans to work through the night to battle winter storm

Dover — As a winter storm arrives in Delaware, Department of Transportation personnel are planning to work through the night, if necessary, to make the roads as safe as possible for the morning commute. After spending the day pretreating the roads with salt and salt brine, crews in Kent and New Castle County will remain at work. They will be staging the plows throughout the state, so they can quickly respond as soon as the snow starts to fall.

In Sussex County, crews will be allowed to go home, but are expected to be called back to work later tonight, around 10 p.m. Supervisors will remain at work, monitoring road conditions. With the expected high winds and low temperatures, drifting may become a major challenge, with the snow blowing back onto roads that have already been plowed.

DelDOT Snow Operations Facts
As many as 500 employees take part in snow removal operations.
— During severe storms, DelDOT hires private contractors to help with snow removal on bus routes, along highway shoulders, and with the clearing of crossover areas and intersections.

Statewide, about 450 vehicles are available for snow operations.
— This includes trucks as well as graders and other tractors.

DelDOT primarily uses salt, along with salt/brine and salt/sand mixtures.
— We have approximately 65,000 tons of salt
— Salt is stockpiled in more than 20 locations throughout the state.
— Due to constant replenishment, salt stockpiles are currently full.

Driving Tips
Because the approaching storm will be accompanied by very cold temperatures which could create icy road conditions, DelDOT urges motorists to limit travel to essential trips, allow plenty of time to reach destinations, drive with lights on, wear warm clothing and carry a fully-charged cellular phone with contact information for someone who can be called for help in case of a roadside emergency.

In addition, motorists should make sure their vehicle has at least a half tank of fuel.

Governor’s Office Statement on Weather Conditions

State of Delaware Offices in New Castle County Closed Today

(Wilmington) –  For Tuesday, December 10, State of Delaware offices in New Castle County are closed during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Non-essential employees who live or work in New Castle County are not report to work for this period. Non-essential employees who live or work in New Castle County and who work second and third shift are also not to report to work. Essential employees are to report as scheduled. This is due to a concern that, given the timing of the storm and snow amounts in New Castle County, secondary and tertiary roads in New Castle County will not have been cleared by the afternoon commute.

The Governor’s Office released this statement in conjunction with the decision to close offices:

“The forecast for this storm is that the snow will fall heaviest between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and will amount to up to 6 inches in New Castle County. Given that timing and that amount of snow, the DelDOT crews that will be out statewide today may be able to keep the primary roads clear for the afternoon rush hour, but drivers going home from work will likely be facing secondary roads, local streets and back roads that may not have been plowed. So removing non-essential state employees who live or work in New Castle County from that afternoon rush hour is the cautious thing to do. We suggest drivers in New Castle County who do not need to travel to delay or refrain from going on the roads late this afternoon to give DelDOT plows time and ability to work.”