Workers’ Comp. Insurance Rates Drop for Fourth Consecutive Year

Decrease and Workplace Safety Program save businesses money during unprecedented time

Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro announced today that workers’ compensation insurance rates will decrease for the fourth year in a row, effective December 1, 2020. The voluntary market is seeing yet another double-digit decrease in loss costs, with an average 11.56% reduction, and residual market rates will go down an average of 8.8%.

“For four consecutive years we have been able to decrease workers’ compensation costs for businesses of all sizes. This year’s reduction will help decrease business expenses as we continue to experience the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Commissioner Navarro. “These lower costs can attract new companies to our state and increase employment opportunities as many organizations look to move out of major metropolitan areas.”

The Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau (DCRB) approved the lower rates after discussion with the Department of Insurance and the State’s Ratepayer Advocate. The approval process includes a review by actuaries for the parties, as well as a public hearing. It is important to note that actual savings may differ and will vary by policy. Last year’s decreases saved businesses more than $4 million in premiums.

These lower rates are just one component of several efforts shepherded by the Department to help businesses financially. More than 1,100 employers are saving even more money on their workers’ compensation premiums by participating in the department’s Workplace Safety Program. Last year’s savings was approximately $7.6 million. Eligible businesses can earn up to a 19% discount on their insurance by providing and maintaining a safe place to work.

“Now more than ever, increasing workplace safety and decreasing business overhead is so important,” said Commissioner Navarro. “Our inspectors are working extremely hard to negotiate challenges caused by COVID-19 and are doing an impressive job completing safety audits during these extraordinarily unusual circumstances. I want to commend them and our entire Workplace Safety team for their incredible work.”

Eligible businesses are notified about the program each year seven months prior to their renewal date, but late applications are being accepted as many businesses were closed when they were notified of their eligibility. Organizations interested in participating can access questionnaires online and contact to begin the process.

Interested employers are urged to note on their questionnaires their current hours and best point of contact if these have been adjusted due to COVID-19 so inspectors can plan site visits. A physical walkthrough is still required for employers to earn a safety discount. Only benefits can be gained by participating, failure to qualify cannot be the basis for premium increases or sanctions imposed by other safety enforcement officials.

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Companies Save Over $4 Million From Reduced Workers’ Compensation Rates

Workplace Safety Program saves $7.6 million for participants

The Delaware Department of Insurance has analyzed new filings from the state’s top writers of workers’ compensation insurance after announcing the third consecutive year of decreased rates in November. The top writers represent nearly 10,000 companies that hold policies within the state. Policyholders of these companies will see a total premium impact of more than $3.7 million, and when the entire writer universe is included, the Department expects realized savings of more than $4 million.

“Delaware businesses large and small are seeing decreased premiums from the third consecutive year of workers’ compensation rate decreases, and that benefits everyone,” said Commissioner Trinidad Navarro. “We will continue to work to make sure that Delaware has an inviting atmosphere for businesses and safe environments for employees.”

Technology Insurance Company, Inc.’s filing shows that their reduction will save policyholders a total of $845,594. Wesco Insurance Company’s total premium change of $651,721 takes the second-place spot for savings, while eight other top insurers are reporting six-digit premium impacts. Of the state’s top writers, American Zurich Insurance Company filed with the largest overall percentage rate impact, a decrease of 17.50%, with five other companies posting double-digit drops.

While realized savings will vary business to business, more discounts can be accessed through the Workplace Safety Program offered by the department. In 2019, 1,119 companies participated in the program, saving a combined $7.6 million through safety credits on their $72.9 million employer premium total – a savings of more than 10%. Businesses can earn discounts of up to 19% by providing and maintaining a safe place to work. More information on this program is available at

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Workers’ Compensation Rates Decrease Third Year in a Row

DOVER, DE – Delaware Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro is pleased to announce that there will be another decrease in workers’ compensation insurance rates, effective December 1, 2019.

“I am delighted to approve a decrease in workers’ compensation rates in Delaware for the third year in a row,” stated Commissioner Navarro. “These continued decreases mean significant savings for Delaware businesses both large and small and continues to be an incentive for smaller businesses to relocate to Delaware and employ more Delawareans.”

The Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau workers’ compensation rate decreases were approved on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, after review by the Department of Insurance’s (“Department”) independent actuaries and the State’s Ratepayer Advocate and a public hearing before the Honorable Joshua Martin.  The decreases are an average -12.75% for the residual market and an average of -13.29% for the voluntary market.  It is important to keep in mind that these are average changes and actual changes to a particular policy may vary depending on, among other things, class codes or insureds.

Commissioner Navarro added further, “The continued hard work of everyone involved in this process especially over the last few years continues to ensure that the process is transparent and efficient.  I am also pleased that this is the first year that all actuaries reviewing this filing agreed, not only that another significant drop in workers’ compensation rates was warranted, but that the filing as submitted to the Department needed no changes.  Lastly, I want to again acknowledge the Department’s Workplace Safety Program and its dedicated staff for their work in helping Delaware businesses save up to 19% on premiums for providing a safe working environment.”

Employers who wish to take advantage of the Delaware Workplace Safety Program are encouraged to visit its webpage at, or call our office directly at (302) 674-7377.

The approved amended DCRB filing No. 1902 can be found at



Contact: Tanisha L. Merced, Esq.

Deputy Insurance Commissioner

Office:    (302) 674-7300


Delaware Department of Insurance

Dover Office: 302-674-7300

Consumer Services Division: 1-800-282-8611

Department of Insurance Recovers Nearly $3 Million for Delaware Consumers through September

Businesses Also Saved $12.1 Million in Workers Comp Premiums 

DOVER, DE – Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart and the Delaware Department of Insurance announced today that its Consumer Services Division recovered $2,959,783.45 for consumers during the first nine months of 2016. Delaware employers also saved $12,126,418.00 in workers compensation premiums during the same period through the Department’s Workplace Safety Program.

The Consumer Services Division received 3,482 formal insurance coverage complaints and inquiries regarding automobile, homeowners, life and health policies between January 1 and September 30, and directly recovered $2,361,693.88 from insurers for Delaware policyholders. The Division also conducted arbitration hearings on behalf of policyholders, which netted consumers $598,089.57 in awards during the same period.

“I want to thank the staff for their vigorous advocacy on behalf of consumers,” said Commissioner Stewart. “Every day they help consumers clear up problems with health insurance companies, agents and providers. And I’m glad the Workplace Safety Program continues to benefit employers and employees.”

The Workplace Safety Program incentivizes employers to establish and maintain safe workplaces. The program provides businesses with the opportunity to earn discounts of up to 19 percent on their workers’ compensation insurance premiums by meeting certain safety requirements and agreeing to undergo periodic inspections. The $12,126,418.00 savings figure, from the Delaware Compensation Ratings Bureau, is approximate because businesses may pay their workers compensation insurance premium annually, quarterly, or by some other schedule.

For help with general insurance matters, call the Department at (302) 674-7300. Call (800) 282-8611 for Consumer Services. For more information on the Workplace Safety Program call (302) 674-7377.Go to our website at, and visit our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter @Delaware_DOI.


Workers’ Compensation Rates Unchanged for 2017

DOVER, DE – Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart today approved the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau (DCRB)’s workers’ compensation amended rate filing, which recommends no changes in the overall levels of residual market rates and voluntary market loss costs for 2017.

“I hope this is the beginning of a period of rate stabilization in the workers compensation market,” said Commissioner Stewart. “I want to thank my staff, the Ratepayer Advocate and the DCRB for their hard work to keep the rates at their current overall level. I also want to recognize the General Assembly and my fellow members of the Governor’s Workers Compensation Oversight Panel and the Workers’ Compensation Task Force, whose efforts over the past few years are now bearing fruit.”

The Commissioner’s independent actuaries and the state’s Ratepayer Advocate examined the DCRB’s original filing and agreed on the amended rates approved by the Commissioner.

The DCRB’s amended filing No. 1603 may be found at

For more information contact Jerry Grant at 302-674-7303 or