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Date Posted: Thursday, May 10th, 2012
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Six individuals receive the Delaware Award for Excellence and Commitment in State Service

DOVER – Governor Jack Markell today recognized and celebrated the efforts of the 2012 recipients of the Delaware Award for Excellence and Commitment in State Service. The award winners and nominees were recognized for their exemplary efforts in service to the State of Delaware.

“These individuals truly exemplify what it means to be a public servant,” said Governor Markell. “Their commitment and dedication have driven them to provide excellent service to Delawareans.  I want to thank them for the work they do every day.”

The 2012 recipients are:

  • Brian Forte, Department of Correction, Bureau of Prisons – In the past year, Sergeant Forte, a supervisor at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institute, has displayed courage and heroism in the face of three major emergency situations. These situations included providing assistance to a visitor who went into medical distress while at the facility, resolving a dangerous domestic confrontation on the facility grounds in which one of the parties was suspected of being armed, and coming to the aid of a coworker attempting to take a violent suspect into custody. His courage and quick action to these emergency situations protected the lives and well being of others and inspired his coworkers.
  • Arline M. Fisher, Department of Finance, Division of Revenue – Arline, a 26-year employee of the department, is well known for her approachability, friendliness, and dedication to serving the citizens of Delaware. Her experience and knowledge, as well as an extensive network of resources, enables her to serve the division’s customer needs, no matter how complex they might be. Over the years, she has been the most complimented person on the Public Service staff, and customers come in and ask for her by name nearly every day. In 2011, she was directly responsible for the collection of over $125 million in cigarette stamp revenue for the State. She was also a key member of the team that developed an automated process for vendors to purchase and receive cigarette stamps. Arline’s high ethical standards and vast experience have made her a role model who is held in the highest esteem by those who work with her.
  • Stacy Watkins, Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families, Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services – In addition to performing her regular assignments, Stacy demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and personal initiative which have had a direct impact on the daily operations of her agency and on the youth in their care. During this past year, her detailed analysis of invoices from a medical vendor for the Brenford Residential Treatment Center program saved her agency over $14,000. She also took on voluntary responsibilities to help the youth develop independent living skills and learn about making choices that will ultimately give them a better chance for success in the future. Stacy is dedicated to her work and committed to doing the right thing.
  • Anna Bellantoni, Department of Transportation, Delaware Transit Corporation – Anna’s alert driving and rapid response to an accident she witnessed while she drove her paratransit bus earlier this year was exceptional. While travelling on Route 1, Anna noticed a car in front her beginning to swerve back and forth. The car then blew out one of its tires, spun out of control, and flipped over onto the road. Although shaken by what she had seen, she calmly and professionally stopped her bus at safe distance behind the disabled vehicle, checked on her passenger’s welfare, contacted emergency authorities, and then got out to help. She worked with other motorists to help the family out of their vehicle and checked for any injuries. Anna instinctively and competently assisted the family while being continuously mindful of the safety of all the people, including her passenger. Anna’s alertness and quick reactions helped make a difference that day.
  • Bruce Furry and Sinath Sam, Department of Transportation, Division of Maintenance and Operations – Driving back from a job site on a hot, humid summer’s day, Bruce and Sinath noticed a person lying on the ground behind a house. When they turned around and stopped to see if the person needed help, they found an elderly woman lying on the hot driveway. She had what appeared to be a gash on her forehead and was unable to get up. They helped her get out of the heat and into her house. Although the woman said she was feeling better, Bruce and Sinath remained concerned for her safety. They insisted on staying with her until they could reach someone who could stay and help her more. They reached the woman’s daughter and stayed until she arrived. The woman was later hospitalized for heatstroke. By taking the time and effort to see if the woman needed help and making sure that she was not left alone, Bruce and Sinath probably saved her life.

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