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Date Posted: Thursday, September 1st, 2016
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UIG-Journal2-smMany of us track our steps, our weight, and our sleep – How many of us also track our learning? Throughout history, innovators have written notes and drawn sketches to track and build upon their ideas and experiments. Delaware libraries want to help adults and children unleash their genius by making it easy to track your learning, too!

Tools for tracking learning come in all formats, from paper journals to online tools. Routine tracking will help you to discover the patterns in what interests you, to build your talents, and to develop your uniqueness.

  • Unleash Your Genius on paper with the Delaware Libraries Learning Journal! Print a 5×7 or 8 ½ x 11 journal and start writing. Need ideas? Try tracking:
    • Your reading (titles, authors, genres & more)
    • Your experiences (programs, activities & more)
    • Your questions (& answers)
    • Your insights & ideas
  • Track online with Beanstack! Our  Summer Library Learning tracker is back for Fall! Keep track of the books you’ve read and programs/workshops you’ve attended, and collect badges along the way.
  • Find more tips, tools, and techniques to track your learning at Delaware Libraries Unleash Inner Genius
  • Tell us what you think! Share your discoveries with us at, on Twitter, or on Facebook

Whatever your interest, whatever your talent, the library supports it. Explore a variety of subjects, to make connections and discover new interests. Then, chart your next path to discovery and innovation!

If you need assistance, your Delaware librarians can help! “Librarians are fascinated by, what fascinates YOU” said State Librarian, Dr. Annie Norman. “And they are standing by to help you explore your curiosity and achieve your versions of the Delaware Dream.”

The Delaware Division of Libraries, a state agency dedicated to unleashing the potential in all Delawareans in partnership with Delaware Libraries, offers free access to the online catalog (; Wi-Fi; computers/internet; eBooks, programs/workshops, community partnerships, and more.

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