DNREC Division of Energy & Climate expands clean vehicle rebates to include ‘bi-fuel’ vehicles

Date Posted: Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
Categories:  Division of Energy and Climate DNREC

DOVER – DNREC’s Division of Energy & Climate is expanding its popular Clean Vehicle Rebate program to include rebates for bi-fuel vehicles – propane or natural gas powered vehicles that also run on either gasoline or diesel. Delaware drivers will be eligible for a $1,350 rebate on bi-fuel vehicles purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2017.

Propane and natural gas provide lower-emissions alternatives to gasoline and traditional diesel. These alternative fuels can be used by drivers and businesses to lower costs and make transportation more environmentally friendly. Bi-fuel vehicles are designed to run on propane or natural gas, but also can run on diesel or gasoline, allowing drivers an alternative if they don’t have access to propane or natural gas refilling stations.

“Switching to propane or natural gas vehicles saves businesses money and keeps harmful greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere,” said DNREC Clean Transportation Planner Kathy Harris. “Bi-fuel vehicles can be a good option for fleets looking to introduce clean fuels into their operations while Delaware continues to build its alternative fuel infrastructure.”

The Division of Energy & Climate offers a $1,500 rebate for vehicles that run exclusively on propane and natural gas. Within the first 18 months of this program, several Delaware businesses and drivers have made the switch to propane and natural gas, receiving rebates for their alternative fuel vehicles.

Energy & Climate also offers rebates for battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and for electric vehicle charging stations. Since the program’s inception in July 2015, about 300 drivers have received rebates for electric vehicles, representing a savings of 1,150 tons of carbon dioxide kept out of Delaware’s atmosphere per year.

For more information about the Clean Vehicle Rebate program, or to apply for a rebate, visit

About the Clean Transportation Incentive Program
The Clean Transportation Incentive Program was launched in July 2015 to encourage Delaware drivers and businesses to purchase and lease alternative fuel vehicles, including vehicles that run on propane, natural gas and electricity. Alternative fuel vehicles produce fewer or no tailpipe emissions, reducing both pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.

Delaware’s Clean Transportation Incentive Program is made possible through Delaware’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a regional market-based emissions cap and trade program. Delaware’s proceeds from RGGI are invested in energy efficiency, renewable energy, emissions reductions programs and programs that benefit energy consumers. In addition to providing funds, RGGI encourages innovation, growing a clean energy economy and creating green jobs.

Media contact: Joanna Wilson, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902.

Vol. 46, No. 426


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The Division of Energy & Climate is responsible for strategic energy planning and policy to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people and the economy of the State.

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