Biden’s office brings hate crime, other more serious charges against three juveniles for assault of a Newark-area man

Date Posted: Monday, September 22nd, 2014
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Wilmington – Prosecutors today filed additional, more serious charges against three juveniles recently charged with the assault of a 26 year-old Newark-area man who suffers from a neurodevelopmental disorder. The three juveniles were initially arrested by New Castle County Police earlier this month and charged with Offensive Touching, Assault of a Vulnerable Adult, and Conspiracy 3rd Degree after videos appeared on social media websites documenting their alleged assault of the victim.

“It is our responsibility to protect people who cannot protect themselves,” Attorney General Beau Biden said. “Targeting and assaulting a vulnerable victim is especially egregious and those who do so face significant consequences under the law. Every parent needs to talk with their children about this incident and how to prevent these types of crimes.”

After further investigation by the New Castle County Police in consultation with the Delaware Department of Justice, and review of the evidence by prosecutors, Biden’s office today brought additional charges against each of the three juveniles through a petition filed in Family Court. Those additional charges are:
• Hate Crime (felony)
• Crime Against a Vulnerable Adult (felony)
• Conspiracy 2nd Degree (felony)
• Abuse of an Impaired Adult (felony)
• Conspiracy 3rd Degree (misdemeanor)
• Harassment (misdemeanor)
• Assault 3rd Degree (misdemeanor)

One of the 14 year-old juveniles has also been charged with two additional counts of Hate Crime (one felony and one misdemeanor) and Crime against a Vulnerable Adult (one felony and one misdemeanor), and one additional (misdemeanor) count each of Harassment, Offensive Touching, and Abuse of an Impaired Adult.

The three juveniles will be arraigned in Family Court on the new charges, at which time bail will be reviewed. The investigation into these incidents is continuing. Because the cases remain in Delaware Family Court the State continues to withhold the names of the juveniles.

The Delaware Department of Justice reminds the public that a charge is merely an allegation and that the State bears the burden of proving each charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

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