Delaware Criminal Justice Council VOCA-Assistance Funding and Bidder’s Conference

Date Posted: Friday, February 5th, 2016
Categories:  Criminal Justice Council

Wilmington, Del- The Delaware Criminal Justice Council (CJC) has released a competitive solicitation for the FFY2015 VOCA-Victims Assistance Grant Program. The CJC is soliciting applications for potential funding under the FFY2015 Victims of Crime Act (“VOCA”) Victims Assistance Program. These are grant funds the CJC administers through the United States Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). The VOCA-VA Program is designed to provide funding to state and local units of government, non-profit organizations that provide direct services to victims of violent crime. This solicitation is specifically seeking new programs to provide direct service to victims of crimes.

The VOCA-Assistance Formula Grant Program is used to support programs that directly serve victims of sexual assault; child abuse; domestic violence; and previously “underserved” victims. Per the federal guidelines, “underserved victims” of either adult or juvenile offenders may include, but are not limited to, victims of teen dating violence; victims of bullying (verbal, physical or cyber), victims of federal crimes; survivors of homicide victims; or victims of assault, robbery, gang violence, hate and bias crimes, intoxicated drivers, bank robbery, economic exploitation and fraud, and elder abuse.

Due to the complexity of the VOCA-Assistance grant requirements, and the increased level of funding that is available for new programs, the CJC staff will be holding a mandatory “Bidder’s Conference.” This will take place on Thursday, February 18, 2016.

To register for the Bidder’s Conference, please go online to the Registration Link: 

The full solicitation and application package may be found on the CJC’s website:



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