Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Increasing Access to Healthcare to Expand Opportunity for All Delawareans

Date Posted: Friday, February 26th, 2016
Categories:  Former Governor Jack Markell (2009-2017) News

Expanding opportunity means ensuring that all Delawareans can maximize control over their own destinies, and over the destinies of their families. To do so, we must address our state’s high-rate of unplanned pregnancies. When people become parents accidentally, we know the future for them and their children may be diminished. Mothers and fathers drop out of school and leave the workforce and too often, their children have fewer opportunities.

Helping women achieve their own goals and become pregnant only when they want to means access to effective contraception that works for them. Top medical organizations have made clear that the new generation of IUDs and implants, long known as Long Acting Reversible Contraception, or LARCs, are 20 times more effective than other methods. But Delaware’s health care system is not prepared to make these methods easily accessible to all women. Providers are not trained to place these contraceptives or properly bill for them, and we see misunderstandings about medical eligibility. In my State of the State address, I announced that Delaware would work to change this.

To improve access, we have joined with the national non-profit Upstream USA to form a public-private partnership called Delaware CAN, Contraceptive Access Now. Supported by significant private funding and our Division of Public Health, we have begun training and providing technical assistance to health centers like the Henrietta Johnson Medical Center in Wilmington. With their help, and by the end of 2017, we will ensure that the nearly 200,000 women of reproductive age in the state get access to the full range of methods, and that they can pursue their personal goals while becoming pregnant when they and their partners choose.

By increasing access to high-quality reproductive healthcare, we can improve opportunities for women and their children —and that, will keep Delaware moving forward.



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