Commissioner Stewart Announces The Approval Of Frontline Homeowners Insurance To Sell Insurance In Delaware

Date Posted: Monday, June 24th, 2013
Categories:  Insurance Commissioner

Frontline Insurance, one of the leading insurers for coastal homeowners coverage, continues to expand with the announcement it is now licensed in Delaware.

“Coastal coverage for homeowners is a primary focus for us. Delaware has shown continued growth in its beach communities, making this area a natural fit for our business,” said Leman Porter, President. “With over 54% of America’s population living within 50 miles of a coast, and more moving closer every day, we’re optimistic about continued geographic expansion for Frontline Homeowners Insurance.”

Well known in Florida and South Carolina for their competitive rates and extensive coverage, and well regarded for their strong financial stability, Frontline Homeowners continues to be strong along the East Coast. The company recently announced a new comprehensive coverage program for Alabama residents, including wind and flood all in one package.

A particular highlight of Frontline Homeowners Insurance is their Contractors Assist Program. Unique in the industry, Contractors Assist manages the entire restoration of your property, from claim to completion.

Now that licensing in Delaware has been completed, Frontline Homeowners Insurance will begin the process of determining insurance coverage specifications and timing for program release, anticipating availability in late 2013.

Frontline Homeowners Insurance, based in Lake Mary, FL, is a group of independent insurance companies serving homeowners throughout the Southeast United States. Through their affiliated companies; Fidelity Fire & Casualty Company and First Protective Insurance Company, they offer homeowners a financially stable, proven company with a record of superior claims service. Frontline was established in 1998, offering home, property and liability coverage. Frontline brings the total number of carriers to 9 for the Delaware Coastal Area.

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