Building and Sustaining a Stronger, More Prosperous Delaware: Building:Better Trail Systems

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
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Wilmington, DE – Beginning last week, the Governor’s office began releasing a series of videos highlighting the progress the state has made over the past eight years through the voices of Delawareans. They will address ways in which the lives of Delawareans today, and generations to come, are being affected by efforts to strengthen our schools, develop cleaner and more efficient energy, make the state a safer and more welcoming place for all people, improve recreational and cultural options, and create more economic development and opportunity.

In conjunction with today’s ribbon cutting of the Delaware City Branch Canal Trail, the video addresses the impact of one initiative: the First State Trails and Pathways Initiative. DNREC and DelDOT worked to create a world-class network of new pathways and trails. In addition to adding 50 miles of new trails and pathways, as a result of the First State Trails and Pathways Initiative, Delaware’s Bike Friendly state ranking rose from 31st nationally to 3rd.

Excerpts from the video:

“We just moved here from Iowa about a year ago,” Adam Foley, Delaware Running Club Member.  “It’s a very different landscape, but I’ve loved the variety of trails and actually being able to find some hills in some wooded areas instead of running along and through corn fields.”

“We get a lot of people who are now buying bikes simply to use the trail to commute to work,” Eric Lowe, Owner of Seagreen Bicycle. “Same thing for the kids to get to high school and back, now that there is a trail and protected section that you’re not on the highway or any of the major roads, I think, is a positive thing for everyone.”

“Every gallon of gas you save is 20 pounds of CO2 emissions you prevent from getting in the environment,” Ali Mirzakhalili, Director of the Delaware Division of Air Quality. “You help clean the air, combat climate change—it’s all good!”

The video series will be released via email as well as on the Governor’s YouTube channel. This week’s video is available on:

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