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Date Posted: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
Categories:  Criminal Department of Justice DOJ Press Releases

WILMINGTON – Deputy Attorneys General in the Department of Justice secure a number of important convictions and sentencings each week. The Department of Justice will be send out recaps of key cases.  Here are the highlights from the week ending Friday, Nov. 7:
  • ​In New Castle County Superior Court, Quentin Cannon, 25 of Townsend, was sentenced to 22 years in prison after Deputy Attorneys General Julie Finocchiaro and John S. Taylor secured a conviction against him for first-degree attempted robbery, first-degree burglary, two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, second-degree assault and second-degree conspiracy at trial in August. Judge Eric Davis handed down the sentence. In the early evening of Oct. 9, 2013, Cannon was at the victim’s home playing video games.  Over the course of the evening, Cannon texted an acquaintance, Derrell Tyson, and the two planned the robbery of the victim and his roommates, one of which had three small children asleep upstairs.  At approximately 11:09 p.m., while an unknown subject stood watch at the door, Tyson entered the home, pointed a gun at the victim, and demanded money.  The victim attempted to gain control of the weapon.  During the struggle the victim was pistol whipped, causing him to later receive 12 staples to the head.  The victim’s roommates were able to assist and hold Tyson until the New Castle City Police arrived.  Cannon fled during the struggle and jumped in the getaway car that was waiting outside.  The car was stopped by police a few miles away in Southbridge.  Cannon was on Superior Court probation on second-degree robbery and second-degree conspiracy. Judge Davis included a sentence for a violation of probation in the 22-year prison term.  
  • Deputy Attorney General Colleen Norris secured a 22-year prison sentence against Zakee Lloyd, 21 of Wilmington, after Lloyd had previously pled guilty to a second-degree murder charge. On April 14, 2012, Lloyd was attempting to rob Manuel Oliveras when Oliveras tried to flee. Lloyd chased down Oliveras and fired several shots, one of which hit Oliveras and killed him near the intersection of Greenhill Avenue and Fourth Street. Oliveras was sentenced by New Castle County Superior Court Judge John A. Parkins.
 During the week ending Friday, October 31, Deputy Attorneys General in the Family Division’s Domestic Violence Unit secured the following conviction:
  • ​​Deputy Attorneys General Cari Chapman, Zoe Plerhoples, and Gina Schoenberg secured convictions on two counts of burglary in the first degree, two counts of unlawful imprisonment in the second degree, and two counts of menacing, along with one count of assault in the third degree, one count of offensive touching, and one count of harassment against Steven Baynum for numerous acts of domestic violence committed against his ex-wife and her friend in the early morning hours of October 24, 2013. Baynum, who is eligible to be sentenced as a habitual offender eligible, will face a minimum of 15 years in prison – and could be sentenced to life — when he is sentenced in February.

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