DNREC Division of Energy & Climate announces launch of electric vehicle Delaware Workplace Charging Program

Date Posted: Thursday, August 10th, 2017
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DOVER – DNREC’s Division of Energy & Climate encourages businesses, non-profit organizations, and local governments to take advantage of the opportunity to install electric vehicle charging stations for employees’ use through the Delaware Workplace Charging Program. Participants in the program can receive rebates and technical guidance for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Organizations who opt to “fuel electrically” by installing charging stations can receive rebates for as many as six charging stations. Rebates cover 75 percent of the cost of charging equipment, up to $5,000 per rebate.

As electric vehicles grow in popularity across Delaware and the United States, installing electric vehicle charging stations is a simple and effective way for businesses and organizations to “go green” and support sustainability in their workforce and communities. Currently, 37 models of electric (battery-powered) and plug-in hybrid electric (battery and gas-powered) vehicles from almost every major auto manufacturer in the United States are available, with more models coming out every year.

“Workplaces are ideal locations for charging stations,” said Clean Transportation Planner Kathy Harris, Division of Energy & Climate. “Vehicles are parked there up to 8 hours a day, allowing employees time to fully charge their vehicles and ensure they have enough battery range for their commute.”

Workplace charging also opens opportunities for electric fleet vehicles, which have lower fueling and maintenance costs than their gasoline counterparts.

In the past two years, DNREC’s Clean Transportation Incentive Program has provided 465 rebates for electric vehicles and 120 rebates for residential and commercial charging stations to Delawareans in all three counties.

The Delaware Workplace Charging Program is open to participants through June 30, 2018. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Division of Energy & Climate at 302-735-3480, and to visit

Media Contact: Joanna Wilson, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902

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The Division of Energy & Climate is responsible for strategic energy planning and policy to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people and the economy of the State.

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