Capitol Police Recognizes Officers for Outstanding Achievements

Date Posted: Monday, May 20th, 2013
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Awards Presented to Officers Involved in Courthouse Shooting Incident

Dover – Delaware Capitol Police, tasked with protecting all who visit or work in our many state facilities, were recognized today for their quick thinking and acts of bravery during the New Castle County Courthouse shooting incident.

“I want to express my deepest appreciation to these officers for their outstanding service during a crisis event,” said Governor Jack Markell. “Their actions reflected extraordinary professionalism, competence and character.  They protected the lives of others while putting their own lives at risk.  We thank them tremendously for both safeguarding and informing the public during some very difficult hours.”

Governor Markell joined with Safety and Homeland Security Secretary Lewis D. Schiliro, Capitol Police Chief William Jopp and Delaware legislators to take part in the Capitol Police Awards Ceremony held at Central Middle School in Dover.

While Capitol Police Chief William Jopp recognized numerous members of the Division for their outstanding service, he presented the Division’s highest honor, the Valor Award, to six employees who performed their duties during the February Courthouse shooting in a courageous and commendable manner despite the imminent and obvious threat posed by an armed assailant. They are: Lt. Marshall Martine, Sgt. Michael Manley, Cpl. Arlene Redmond, Cpl. Steven Rinehart, Cpl. Scott Simpson, and Sr. Security Officer Darryl Smith.

“Today we recognize the service and dedication that our Capitol Police personnel provide to the people of Delaware each and every day. Their actions on February 11th epitomize the highest tradition of courage and sacrifice and now become part of the noble history of the First responder community of the First State,” said Secretary Schiliro.

Other awards presented to employees who were involved in the February 11th incident at the New Castle County Courthouse include:

Chief’s Citation
The following Capitol Police employees, who were instrumental in providing logistical support to ensure that the Courthouse was secure, received the Chief’s Citation:
• Sr. Security Officer Vasilios Hantzopoulos   Sr. Security Officer Earnest Manucci
• Security Officer David Jefferson     Communications Dispatcher Isaac Vaughn

Exceptional Performance Awards
The following Capitol Police employees were recognized for their meritorious and sustained performance and received the Exceptional Performance Award:
• Detective Sgt. Britt Davis     Sgt. Michael Downs
• Master Cpl. Jay Davidson     Detective Master Cpl. Matthew Kent
• Master Cpl. Lori Templin     Sr. Corporal Kenneth Cartwright
• Sr. Corporal Justin Reynolds     Cpl. Scott Mathis
• Cpl. Robert Schlecker      Sr. Security Officer Maureen McGill-Jones
• Sr. Security Officer Yvette Miller

Several other awards were presented to acknowledge the overall outstanding work of the men and women of this division. These include:

2012 Security Officer of the Year – Sr. Security Officer Jose Sanchez
Sr. Security Officer Sanchez has been assigned to the Sussex County Courthouse since 2000 and has distinguished himself as the resident expert on the screening equipment used at the entrance. He is also well known for his ability to diffuse situations that sometimes occur at the Courthouse entrance screening positions. Sr. Security Officer Sanchez also received this honor in 2005.

2012 Police Officer of the Year – Cpl. Jason Stover
Cpl. Stover has been assigned to the Patrol Section since 2007 working a variety of duties. When the division expanded the hours of patrol creating a late shift, Cpl. Stover volunteered for the shift and has continued ever since. Working nights, he is responsible for everything that involves the State buildings during his late shift. Cpl. Stover maintains a strong work ethic by completing all of the required routine duties in addition to being a very productive officer. Cpl. Stover makes numerous traffic stops, pedestrian checks, and building checks while on patrol in addition to making 194 criminal arrests in 2012.

Exceptional Performance Award
Presented to an officer who performs significantly above what would be expected in an area or event that is within their normal realm of responsibilities

Sgt. Peter Malinky
Sgt. Malinky accepted responsibility for the division’s Workplace Violence Seminar program in 2011. He has modernized the program with new statistics and up to date information, methodologies and strategies. Most recently with the new focus on active shooters, he once again tweaked the program to incorporate this present day issue that concerns many of our state employees. Sgt. Malinky has performed numerous seminars to a host of state agencies throughout Delaware receiving high regards and accolades from many of the attendees.

Chief’s Citation
Given to an officer who has participated or assisted in any randomly unique event or situation of an exceptional nature

Lt. Terry Helsel
Lt. Terry Helsel, Regional Supervisor for the Judicial Services Operation, oversaw operations required for the newly constructed Kent County Courthouse including the establishment of a communications center, secure sally port, secure loading dock, a multi-lane entrance screening function and a police presence throughout the facility. In addition, Lt. Helsel managed the transfer of the duties of the county sheriff to the Capitol Police. Through Lt. Helsel’s dedicated and relentless efforts, the Kent County Courthouse opened its doors to the public with a highly organized, capable, prepared and professional operational plan.

Lt. Lee Clough
Lt. Lee Clough, Regional Supervisor for the Central Operation, was selected to lead the committee tasked with making preparations for the 2012 National Chief Justices Conference. Lt. Clough spent months organizing local, county and state law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the dignitaries arriving from all over the country to the City of Wilmington. Lt. Clough’s meticulous planning and attention to detail prior to and during the events allowed the four-day conference to be regarded as an overwhelming success bringing great credit upon the law enforcement community, the Courts and the State of Delaware.

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