Dover man receives life sentence for drug dealing

Date Posted: Thursday, February 27th, 2014
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Dover – Attorney General Beau Biden’s office announced today that a Dover man has been sentenced to life in prison for drug dealing.

On October 16, 2012, the Delaware State Police Kent County Governor’s Task Force was conducting a patrol at the Autumn Run Apartments in Dover and attempted to stop a suspicious vehicle with multiple occupants which failed to stop and led police on a pursuit.  After the vehicle was ultimately stopped, a search revealed a loaded 22-caliber handgun, drugs (marijuana), and a digital scale.  Dover resident Seanne Godwin, who was in the rear passenger seat, told police that he had facilitated a drug deal and he was subsequently arrested.


On December 18, 2013 the jury convicted Godwin, age 30, of Drug Dealing and Conspiracy 2nd Degree following trial in Kent County Superior Court.  After securing his conviction, prosecutor R. David Favata petitioned the Court to sentence Godwin to life in prison as an habitual offender (see 11 Del. C. 4214(b)).  Kent County Superior Court Judge William L. Witham, Jr. granted the State’s motion and imposed the mandatory life sentence yesterday.  Under Delaware law, offenders convicted of 3 separate and distinct felonies can be declared a “Habitual Offender” and sentenced to life in prison.


After initially posting bail following his October, 2012 arrest, Godwin was arrested again, in May, 2013, for drug dealing (heroin), possession of marijuana, and other charges in a separate case.  Those charges remain pending.  Godwin has remained incarcerated since his May, 2013 arrest.


Two other occupants of the vehicle in the October 16, 2012 arrest, 24 year-old Kendric Forman and 21 year-old Tyere Joyner, were also charged and successfully prosecuted in connection with this case.


A booking image of Godwin is attached.


Goodwin Booking Image


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