Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Thanking Delawareans for Hurricane Sandy Response

Date Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2012
Categories:  Former Governor Jack Markell (2009-2017) News

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This is a message of thanks.  Thanks to the emergency responders, state agencies, non-profits like Red Cross, volunteers, homeowners and residents of Delaware for pulling together and helping one another get through Hurricane Sandy.

Thank you for heeding the emergency evacuations; for leaving your homes in some cases and going to shelters in others.  For staying off the roads, coping with power outages and placing safety first.

We took the threat seriously and we prepared accordingly.  That’s the way we protect ourselves, our homes and our state.  Our state, local private and non-profit organizations and emergency responders at every level pulled together to get us through this storm.

Many went without sleep or seeing their families to work through the storm. Delawareans displayed an incredible amount of patience with Mother Nature and while we fared better than the forecast predicted and better than surrounding states, our hearts go out to the millions of people in places outside of Delaware who remain traumatized by the storm.  We have our own challenges ahead, as water recedes in our coastal communities and FEMA, the Delaware Emergency Management Agency, local authorities and home and business owners assess damage.  We will pick ourselves up from where this storm left us, grateful we didn’t sustain the worst, knowing we got through it because we stayed together and worked together as Delawareans.  And,  I thank you as citizens, state employees, emergency responders, volunteers and others, each doing your jobs and doing your best to keep Delaware moving forward.

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