Biden’s Office and Mayor Williams secure immediate closure of Thunderguards’ clubhouse

Date Posted: Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
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Wilmington – Attorney General Beau Biden’s Office and the City of Wilmington today secured the immediate closure of the Northeast Boulevard clubhouse of the Thunderguards’ Motorcycle Club.  Today’s action follows a lawsuit against the property’s owner filed April 11 by prosecutors in Biden’s office and the City of Wilmington seeking its closure because of the ongoing and violent criminal activity at the property. 
“No resident of Wilmington or visitor to our City should be at risk from the ongoing pattern of violence that has been occurring on this property,” Biden said.  “Today’s action accomplishes our first goal of immediately closing the property to protect the safety of the public.  Over the next several weeks we will closely monitor this property in order to hold the defendants accountable to their obligations and we’ll continue to prepare for a hearing later this year to determine the permanent status of the site.”
“For years, violent crimes, including multiple shootings and homicides, have been committed at the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club clubhouse, The closure of the clubhouse is not only good for the City, it is also good for the citizens living in or near the neighborhood,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams. “We are pleased this property is now closed, and the City’s Law Department will continue to support the Attorney General’s Office in the Nuisance Abatement Complaint court proceedings.”
Along with its lawsuit, Biden and the City had requested an emergency injunction ordering gang members to immediately vacate the properties, located on the 2800 block of Northeast Boulevard, while the suit is litigated because of the ongoing and violent activity on-site.  A hearing to consider the emergency petition had been set for tomorrow in New Castle County Superior Court, however, the Thunderguards’ Motorcycle Club has agreed to immediately vacate the property on a temporary basis.  The closure was secured this afternoon through a binding Court Order signed by Superior Court Judge Vivian Medinilla.  The terms of that Order include:
          The Thunderguards Motorcycle Clubhouse will be shuttered at 5:00 p.m. on May 15 and will remained closed until a hearing to determine its permanent status is held later this year.
          The Thunderguards Motorcycle Club shall not permit anyone to enter or remain on any part of its portion of the property during its closure.
          During its closure the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club shall hold no meetings on the property and shall not rent, lease, or otherwise permit any events whatsoever to be held on the Property.
          During its closure the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club is responsible for securing its portion of the property, will make efforts to secure video monitoring and increased lighting on its portion of the property, and is responsible for contacting law enforcement to report any known suspicious behavior at the property.
          During its closure only two individuals from the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club – the President and Vice President – will be permitted on its portion of the  2800 block of Northeast Boulevard, and only during weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., and only for the sole purpose of performing maintenance on the Property (undertaking physical repairs, removing any accumulated trash and debris, and removing high grass and weeds from the Property).
The Attorney General’s Office and City of Wilmington will post signs on the property alerting passersby that no one is permitted on the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club portion of the property. 
As part of today’s agreement, two additional Court Orders were issued permitting the two other businesses on the property to operate Monday through Saturday during business hours.  However, those businesses are prohibited from allowing Thunderguards Motorcycle Club-related activities or its members on-site.  Moreover, no individual under any circumstances are permitted on the entire 2800 block of Northeast Boulevard after 7 p.m.
            The April 21, 2014 press release announcing the Criminal Nuisance Abatement lawsuit is copied immediately below.
Read the April 11, 2014 lawsuit HERE.
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