Governor Signs Executive Order to Increase Online Safety & Security

Date Posted: Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
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Establishes cyber security council to mitigate risks and make recommendations to improve overall cyber security efforts

Presents tribute to student for winning national cyber poster contest – Photo available

Dover, DE – Recognizing the ever-increasing need to strengthen online safety and security in a society that relies heavily on the internet, Governor Markell today signed Executive Order 55, establishing the Delaware Cyber Security Advisory Council. The council will bring together key members of state agencies, higher education, and small and large businesses to support and make recommendations on issues such as:

  • Developing best practices to mitigate cyber security risks to critical infrastructure and protected systems;
  • Improving overall cyber security posture across all sectors in Delaware; and
  • Increasing information sharing between all sectors in Delaware.

View Full E.O. 55 Text

“Maintaining the security of cyberspace must be a shared responsibility,” said Markell. “National security and law enforcement leaders have called cyber threats the greatest risk facing our state and our nation. Raising awareness of computer security best practices as well as bringing together government agencies and private sector organizations to develop new strategies to protect our cyber infrastructure is critical to ensuring continued safety and security for all Delawareans.”Cybersecurity

The Council’s work will support efforts by the Delaware Department of Technology & Information in preventing, detecting, preparing for and responding to cyberattacks. The Council will be the central interface for coordinating cyber security initiatives among the public and private sectors, as well as for promoting further safety and security of critical cyber infrastructure.

“Government has the solemn duty to lead the efforts to protect the information and resources of Delaware,” said James Collins, Delaware’s Chief Information Officer and Council member. “Executive Order 55 will allow our state to benefit from a multidisciplinary, cross sector approach to cyber security.”

E.O. 55 builds on previous efforts by the Markell administration to prevent and mitigate the impact of cyber-attacks, including workforce development initiatives that address the increased demand for IT and cyber security professionals. In 2009, Delaware became one of the first states in the nation to host the U.S. Cyber Challenge Camps focused on attracting young people to pursue a career in information security. The state also participated in the Cyber Aces training initiative, an online, cyber security education and training program. Nearly 300 participants have graduated either from Delaware’s Cyber Aces or Cyber Challenge Camp programs.

Delaware’s cyber security efforts are recognized nationally. In 2012, Delaware received the Cyber Security Innovation Award for creating a new certification program for information security officers, and Delaware’s public cyber security website has taken first place in three of the last six years in the annual Best of the Web national contest.

National Poster Contest Winner (Photos available here)

NeelaMoodyAnnouncing the Executive Order in his legislative hall office today, the Governor also presented a tribute to Gallaher Elementary fifth grade student Neela Moody as the national winner of the K-12 Computer Safety Poster Contest, with her submission finishing first among more than 600 entries. This contest, sponsored by the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), encourages young people to use the Internet securely and engages them in creating messages to communicate to their peers the importance of staying safe online. Her artwork is featured on the cover of the MS-ISAC 2016 calendar.

“I applaud Neela for her outstanding work,” said Markell. “She is a wonderful role model for her peers and is helping us build cyber security awareness for our students at a young age as we recognize that all of our citizens have a role to play in protecting our networks.”


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