New disposal program offered for old pesticides

Date Posted: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
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DOVER – Delaware farmers and businesses looking to dispose of old pesticides now have a new option.

The Delaware Department of Agriculture is launching a new initiative, the Environmental Sweep Program, to help farmers, commercial pesticide applicators, nurseries, greenhouses, golf courses and pest control companies with unwanted, outdated or cancelled pesticides on hand.

“This program will help both our agricultural and business communities and our environment,” said Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee. “It is an example of the positive partnerships that the Markell Administration has developed to support the business sector.”

The program offers businesses free disposal of pesticides – up to 500 pounds or 50 gallons – which will be picked up on-site by a waste disposal contractor.

“Farmers and business owners often find themselves with significant quantities of old pesticides on hand which they cannot use,” said David Pyne, Pesticides Administrator for the Department of Agriculture. “The uncertainty of legal requirements and the risks of storage or disposal leave them with limited options. This program provides them with a new, safe disposal method.”

Any pesticide product with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration number will be accepted, including DDT, chlordane, carbayl, lead arsenate, lindane, dinoseb, calcium cyanide or chloropicrin. Unlabeled pesticides or those not in an original container may need to be sampled before acceptance. Farmers or businesses seeking to dispose of pesticides above the 500 pound or 50 gallon limit may pay a fee to have those products removed.

Waste items such as fertilizer, paint, oil, antifreeze, fertilizer and pesticide mixtures will not be accepted. Residents and homeowners should continue to use disposal programs offered by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority.

Farmers or businesses interested in participating can download and return an inventory form from the Department of Agriculture’s website. Pesticides Section staff will review the inventory and perform an on-site visit. If approved, a waste disposal contractor will contact the owner directly to schedule a removal date.

The Department’s Pesticides Section regulates pesticide distribution, use, storage, sales and disposal in Delaware, focusing on products used to control pests such as weeds, insects, bacteria, fungi or rodents.


Dan Shortridge
Chief of Community Relations
Delaware Department of Agriculture



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