Delaware’s trade reps to counsel local businesses on exporting their products and services

Date Posted: Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
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Global Delaware is bringing in its team of international trade representatives to meet with local companies and explore opportunities for expanding their business abroad.

Reps from Canada, Germany, Mexico and South Korea will present an overview of export opportunities in their respective countries and be available for one-on-one meetings on Wednesday, November 4, at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, and on Thursday, November 5, at the Small Business Development Center in Georgetown.

“These are seasoned veterans with exhaustive knowledge of their markets and how to launch a successful export program,” said Global Delaware Export Advisor Beth Pomper. “Having them here all together gives local businesses a unique chance to consider their options in different parts of the world. They’ll hear about which products and services are in greatest demand from place to place, and what they can do to kick-start their export programs.”

Delaware’s trade reps work in-country to perform market research and analysis, develop product strategies for market entry, identify potential customers, provide in-country logistical, translational and related support services, and even negotiate with distributors on behalf of Delaware companies.

The reps know the certification processes, regulations, business and labor laws in their home countries, Pomper notes, and can provide Delaware companies with the tools and resources to successfully sell their goods and services in the global marketplace.

“These are high-level consultants, and we have brought them to Delaware to meet with our local businesses,” Pomper emphasized. “This is a great opportunity for local businesses to really talk about what they want to do abroad.”

Four countries, countless opportunities

Global Delaware has focused its efforts on markets in Canada, Germany, Mexico and South Korea after conducting exhaustive research to determine which markets offered the best opportunities for Delaware companies. “U.S. products and services are in high demand in these markets, especially in areas like agriculture and bioscience. It makes good sense for the State to invest effort and resources where we are most likely to get the biggest return,” Andrea Tinianow, director of Global Delaware notes.

The reps visiting Delaware are:

Ludovic Ortuno, Canada
Based in the Montreal, Canada region, Ludovic has more than ten years’ experience working with premier international trade and development agencies. He is particularly knowledgeable about launching new products in Canada and other markets. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Stefan Peikert, Germany
Stefan has more than twenty years’ experience as an active independent consultant in the fields of strategic business development, internationalization, sales and marketing.

Miguel de Regil, Mexico
With more than four decades of international trade experience, Miguel brings extensive knowledge of consumer and industrial markets throughout Latin America. His extensive network makes him the ideal resource to identify opportunities and provide support in the region.

Ken Yang, South Korea
As a trade expert with extensive knowledge in business development, Ken provides market research, marketing and investment advisory services for private and public businesses.

State efforts to help companies seek opportunities abroad

Connecting Delaware businesses with foreign trade representatives is part of Global Delaware’s Strategic Export Plan to increase business opportunities and jobs for local companies. Representatives have extensive contacts with in-country industry associations and government agencies, chambers of commerce and public and private organizations, as well as specialized expertise in assisting U.S. companies establish distributor and customer networks in their country markets.

In addition to developing a network of trade reps, Global Delaware continues to organize trade missions to key markets for qualifying businesses and providing access to an exhaustive database of international distributors. The State recently received grant money to help companies finance export activity.

“Our job is to provide Delaware’s businesses with the tools and resources they need to join the global economy.” Tinianow said. “The opportunities are there, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to help our local companies seize them.”

Information sessions with Delaware Trade Reps will be held from 9 am to 12 pm on Wednesday, November 4, at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, 12 Penns Way, New Castle DE, and from 10 am to 12 pm on Thursday, November 5, at the Small Business Development Center, 103 W. Pine Street, Georgetown, DE. Businesses unable to make either of these events are encouraged to please contact Emma Cowdery at to arrange an alternative meeting time.

To register for this event and sign up for one-on-one meetings, click this link and fill out the short form. Global Delaware and The Delaware Department of State would like to thank Fulton Bank for sponsoring this event.

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